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Porter’s Reusable Bags

porterreusable.jpgSo we’ve been through quite a few reusable shopping bags here on NOTCOT, and now when i find new unique ones, i just can’t seem to help myself. Latest interesting simplistic luxury variations come from Porter that was featured on HighSnobiety. Their replacement for the standard plastic bag-The Porter x Club King Shopping Bag in nylon (and it seems to have nylon lining layer as well, looks much like a baggu with flaps to secure things) and there is The Porter Grocery Tote replacing your paper bags, only this one is decked out in leather and cotton! And its as brown as your paper, but with a sky blue interior. Honestly i can’t believe this is the 14th reusable shopping bag post… thanks dan implementing tagging and forcing me to start tagging things i can actually know that now… although of the nearly 2000 notcot.com posts, i’ve only tagged everything from 2007 so far, so 2 years to go when i have free time!

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Puma Reality Bag

pumareality.jpgBrains + Shiny + Puma Urban Mobility + instant gallery thanks to the Serpentine for $1,400? This new collaborative Reality Bag project looks great. “The Reality Bag is an exciting new product, adapted from the PUMA Urban Mobility Edition Bag, which launched last season. The Reality Bag is designed to reflect the world inside and out through a clever use of innovative materials and design detail. To develop the concept of this original accessory, the Serpentine Gallery invited artist John Armleder to create its look and feel. Armleder also created the concept of the content and invited young artists to create artworks to go inside each of the 1000 Reality Bags. This makes The Reality Bag an original, multiple artwork containing original pieces by the artist himself and by invitees including John Trembley and Philippe Decreuzat. Many other artists will contribute books, DVDs, or anthologies, as Armleder plays with the idea of the bag as a portable gallery. The result is a truly individual work of art.”

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Diesel Isn’t Totally Mad

dieselfofhol.jpgI’ve been a big fan of diesel for years now ~ and honestly as much as i liked their clothes, i’ve always LOVED their branding, packaging, graphics/interaction design! But what really blew me away was how horrendous their Fuel For Life customization ended up being. I must admit i’m relieved to see that there are *some* decent packaging/product offerings in this space that aren’t embarrassing… Before i get into this sweet new limited edition ~ i’ve updated the Fuel For Life Customization post with images of the finished product… its more expensive AND uglier than i ever imagined. I had assumed that the mediocre flash imagery would be made up for by the usual diesel packaging/product quality, but instead the result is something i would probably be accused of peddling a bad fake and slapped for if i tried to sell it on ebay or craigslist.

Anyhow, excited to see that they came out with some edgy fun limited editions this season! The limited edition black lacquered box is beautiful and the packaging/bracelet idea with refillable minis is adorable for a gift, but doesn’t it seem redundant to have a clasp when it already opens where the bottle goes? And can’t you think of many different things you could put in that? The main bottles are a bit overly bling’d out for me, but playful and giftworthy none the less.

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Beau Soleil Bag

beaubag.jpgOn more affordable designer options on green friendly reusable shopping bag options… Beau Soleil has stepped in with their new Beau Bag. “A stylish grocery sack! Price is affordable to entice people to help the environment without shelling out a lot of cash.” It is $44 at ShopBop, $40 at Beau Soleil, and $25 (shipping in Jan) at El SueƱo Verde. The typography was nice and clean on this one, and its great that there are snap pockets on all sides (including inside!) for all those random magazines, packs of gum, keys, etc! ~ see below for closeups.

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I’m Not A Violent Person

tanktheorynew.jpgFor some reason, these new Tank Theory tee illustration graphics have really grabbed me tonight while i was browsing 80’s Purple: I’m not a violent person, Revolution! (close up below of the black/gold going across the back as well), Survivor!… and there is also the Comrade tee below, with the gun behind her back… and on exciting Tank Theory news, i just noticed the really sweet Dungeons buckle that we’ve gushed about before is back in stock (images below to remind you which one)!

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Zip Tie Rings

ziptie.jpgI’m sure by now you’ve noticed that casting the everyday into silver and making it some wearable form like jewelry is instant subversive luxe. From plastic vampire teeth for belt buckles and cocktail swords as necklaces, to forget me knot strings around the finger and peeled bark as cuffs… so part of me isn’t at all surprised to see that someone has gone and cast zip ties in silver as rings. In fact, i can’t help but wonder why it wasn’t done sooner. Granted i’d probably have to turn down any man who dared propose we marry with a pair of these, the concept certainly has a lot of potential. Personally, i feel like zip ties are the new duct tape… from tying back cables, to tying plants to poles, looping through dishrags to have a loop to hang them from, tying bad guys up instead of handcuffs, locking your suitcases… (i’m sure you have more examples to insert here)… these rings are from Metalnat by Natalie Gomensoro at Supermarket.

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Oakley Minute Machine Review

mm3.jpgOakley’s Minute Machine Watches have left us intrigued as to the thickness and how fun they really are in person ~ while having grown up in a house of Rolexes and Tag Heuers , i went through phases from swatches to giant crazy dive watches and for the last few years i have settled on a pretty simple steel tag for all occasions (waterproof and scratchproof faces are a necessity!). There has always been something so appealing about finding unique quality time pieces that have that rugged yet designy/unexpected edge to them… and the titanium bracelet on this Oakley is pretty sweet!

They sent over the Oakley Minute Machine Titanium Edition and i’m quite in love with all their boxes (ahhhh, gorgeous matte black packaging)… so images below of all the packaging as well as close ups of the watch to get a feel for the thickness and how it wears. On the detail i can’t get over… the carbon fiber self lubricating rings on the titanium bracelet are something you must play with if you get near one of these in person… i love the feeling of rolling your fingers over them… and the shapes of the pieces in the bracelet i find mesmerizing. (What can i say, i get inspired by the strangest littlest curves and details?)

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Gift Guide Day 9

day9com.jpgGift Guide Day 9 ~ wow can you believe its day 9 already? Well today i rounded up some of our favorite Reusable Shopping bag options ~ some we use and love, some we covet and think would certainly be more unique! And to mix things up a bit, i also picked a few fun woody accessories!

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Respect Your Mother Tote

rym.jpgRespect Your Mother by Local Celebrity… as a t-shirt, this one sky rocketed around the celeb world in green and blue, and as trendy as some things can become, i’ve always had a soft spot for this design. Loved it secretly, but part of me would never wear it here in LA, maybe while abroad though! BUT, i just spotted that they now have a canvas tote bag with it, and simply had to add it to my pick of the moment for reusable shopping bag options… or for my laptop and other random “won’t fit in purse” schlepping. Close up below, and expect this one to show up on the green gift guide to come!

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NotCouture Roundup

NotCouture #1336NotCouture #1335NotCouture #1337NotCouture #1320NotCouture #1332NotCouture #1325NotCouture #1321NotCouture #1329NotCouture #1318NotCouture #1292NotCouture #1285NotCouture #1283NotCouture #1284NotCouture #1282NotCouture #1295Click the images to find out more! Whether you’re shopping for what to wear, or wearables to gift… here are some of the things popping on up NotCouture to keep you or your giftee warm and accessorized.

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Gift Guide Day 17

day17com.jpgGift Guide Day 17 is all about grooming. Gorgeous gadgets and potions to get you all cleaned up from head to toe- or great for gifts as a not so subtle hint… a little something for guys, girls, both…

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Diesel Sweeties’ Robot Socks

robotsocksm.jpgHaving one of “those” days ~ but thank goodness for surprise packages from people like RStevens of Diesel Sweeties ~ angry red robot socks. I don’t even know what gift guide theme these should be on, and i never even knew i needed them, but they deal with a less than shiny mood very nicely. I recruited RUGenius to be the sock model in this shot! Although not quite available yet, both the red robot knee socks (for ladies) - and shorter men’s red robots - and even some cute pixely owl knee socks - are available for pre-order here. And that bumper sticker made me smile - there have been some pretty nasty, ignorant emails and reports coming on all the sites today for some reason. Why are people so angry? It’s just the internets! Yay. Angry red pixel robots on my feet.

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Conroy and Wilcox Thorn Cuff

thorncuff.jpgNOTCOT Note: Here is our second post from our new contributor Dara Lang (who i just told you a little bit about in the last post)!

Conroy and Wilcox, two designers from New York have designed this stylish Thorn cuff bracelet. Coinciding with the up and coming trend, glam rock, Conroy and Wilcox have successfully achieved the marriage of two very contradicting styles. Its versatile design can appeal to both men and women and if you look closely, each thorn is slightly slanted, creating a subtle wave in the pattern. This beautiful thorn cuff bracelet not only screams out Rock and Roll, it echoes a touch of allure! Available in 18k yellow (see below) and in white gold (see above).

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On 2D Rings

2drings.jpg2D looking rings… love em? hate em? What’s your take on this trend of silhouettes and handscapes? Since every time a new one comes out, people seem quite into them, i needed to collage them all for some perspective, and i love them all as a means of creating a mini puppet show or diorama on my fingers, but i’m not sure about sporting them around town regularly (particularly for the sake of my knit goods who are unlikely to survive!). So here we have: Alissia MT Diamond Rings in plastic and silver (also available in gold), Blank & Reed’s Bling Rings (in Bird and Bitch), Zelda Beauchampet’s Handscapes, and Soop’s City Farm (etsy store launching the 30th of Nov). There’s something so pretty about seeing them all together, can’t you imagine the story your punch could tell if you arranged them right?

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Noon Solar

solarbag.jpgNoon Solar. Just in time for holiday wishlists… a line of solar bags that look great. I am currently debating whether to order the black Cortland Tote…. and they were smart enough to put the solar panel on one side so you can easily choose whether to face it outwards, or have it face your body and look like a sleek leather tote… well a tote with “entire exterior and interior constructed from Bavarian sourced, chrome-free, naturally tanned and dyed, full-grain cowhide leather and naturally dyed hemp cotton blend” to be precise. It looks like the perfect size for a 15” macbook pro… close ups below of the bags and the technology within… read more about the solar power and battery pack here. Also a great potential gift for the men in your life… their Logan Satchel in brown. Isn’t it about time someone put solar panels to aethetically appealing use? (Yes, i’m thinking of you, ugly solar backpacks.)

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