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70Six Tees

70six.jpgThere’s an interesting blend of Japanese, Chinese, and Cali mixed into the 70six designs that gives them that uncommon edge in its designs. I personally love the twist on Hokusai’s Wave and how its created a visual V-wave across the girly-T. Also news to me was that the adorable car you see is the “soob 3sixty: subaru’s first car. at 360cc it’s no impreza but you gotta start somewhere.” (site quote)

Chudo Loo wrote us (after we inquired about the inspiration behind 70six) and informed us to keep our eye’s out for the 70six site update coming this weekend! Chudo is a web designer/developer full timer with a passion for heritage as seen through design. (And anyone with the guts to quit being a software developer and fulfill the dream of starting a tshirt line is worth helping out in my books!)

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Everything Will Be Ok

men_cowsweat_13.gif I’m sure you’ve picked up on today’s trend… a little pick me up for an overworked stressed friend. And there’s something heartwarmingly comforting about this graphic, and also as the red girly hoody print, and men’s and women’s shirts. Also take a look at some of the other retro cali feeling shirts by No Star.

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La Fraise

tees.jpg By now most people are familiar with Threadless, but not nearly as many reference some of the fun submit-art tees at La Fraise. The prices aren’t too bad, the art is fresh, and the site is pleasantly refreshing with eye-catching icons.

P.S. Did you find the hidden headphones on their page linking to a soundtrack for secret agents on the prowl? And don’t fret about your french skills, if needed, do like i did and have your resident francophile help you register so you can vote and purchase happily. (more of my favs post jump)

P.S.S Great blog on the site as well, with some images of behind the scenes of your home run online art tee shop.

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Cuffed by Time

watch.jpg Today is a Mixko OO (object oriented) day. I love this idea, of changing the way people see both high end branding (Gucci) and the linear approach to time ruling your life… they are ultimately handcuffed to you, or you to them rather. Poetic. Deserving of a post of its own to make you think.

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Bored Frustrated PinkCiao Ciao. Welcome all the readers who have been frequenting this newbie site. Just wanted to take a moment to fill you in on who we are and what’s going on. This is the graphic that got us going to start this site, (from ShadeElaine )… so trial hand t-shirt print starting soon kind of a tribute to our state of being/ideas.

but just out of curiosity, let me know if there’s any interest in others wanting shirts as well, i assume it can’t be too hard to pop a shirt in the mail to people. ~notcot

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UnZip Me.

diesel.jpg Ahhh, jeans. Ok ok so Diesel is practically like the Gap at a certain point, or at least spending enough time in Italy where the stores are around every corner… but admitedly they are daring with the artwork/media/design and do come up with some pretty fun collections (as hit and miss as they can be). And definitely some amusements.

Like this bracelet. What more can i say, it just makes you stare, and want to touch it.

Few more images along this theme after the jump… They also make interesting use of the rivets (?) jeans have.

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Kissable Belly-Button

P60333_hero.jpg A Sephora To-Go Bestseller, i kid you not. It seems crazy at first, yet strangely curious as well… Spring has sprung (almost) bikini’s are back (well as soon as the sun is consistent enough for a good tan)… so why not make your belly-button tantalizing?

Deliciously Kissable Belly Button Love Potion Fragrance A provocative new concept in scent for the new frontier in erogenous zones … the belly button! Daring, seductive, and deliciously kissable, this roll-on fragrance is fully charged with sweetness that guarantees instant attraction. Simply pick your favorite potion: French vanilla and smooth caramel (Creamy), silky, or juicy, and berry sweet with a subtle hint of crisp green bouquet (Juicy). So irresistible, it’s Ok to double dip …
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Year of the Cock

2005 Year of the Rooster, throw that in Hollywood, around the time of the Oscars, and naturally i suppose you end up with the Year of the Cock. Found this one at a Sassy Chicks Sample Sale up at Highlands, aussie woman and two friends designing them in LA. They also have a line of cheeky fortune cookie based shirts, and babies wear… see FortuneTees. Very LA, and as a designer i must admit it’s a gorgeous graphic. I could resist. She also mentioned they were given out in all the Oscars Presenters goodie bags (not sure if thats a good thing, but some people go for that). And as a sucker for packaging, they use chinese take-out boxes and even the extremely flimsy plastic bags you’d get take-out food in. Bonus points for thoroughness? Amusing find none-the-less.

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Sleeve Scarf

indigopeople_sm.jpg A random and brilliant idea over at Hint Fashion Magazine’s shop, a hybrid of wearable objects to keep you warm, it can transform between being literal sleeves to keep your arms warm (not a far reach from those tiny sweaters that are really just connected sleeves) and a scarf wrap around to give your neck a very bizarre looking hug to onlookers… a twist on the old… or a new take on recycling?

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Fashionable Depression

Devastee’s a french duo of sketch based artists takes on the depressive nature of fashion, or the fashionable nature of depression… creating some interesting art pieces and shirts worth taking a look at.

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