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Rob a Bank- 12.16.05

skimask.jpgkittystole.pngAh, Emily the Strange. Ok wait, before you pass any judgement, these two pieces just made my night for some reason. I can’t imagine robbing a bank in anything else… she’s changed the way i will forever see ski masks… and that kitty stole. It’s just so cute, in a ridiculously amusing way. So it needed to be put up.

[please note: now that i have said this. i will never follow through with robbing a bank in this mask. So if someone does it. it wasn’t me. i’d have to find something better, and then resist the need to share it with you guys =P wow i’m getting deliriously tired tonight.]

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Hi, I just want to know if there’s an online store where they might have a kitty stole that you might know of…I asked the people in “emily the strange” but they don’t have it anymore.

----- sandra 15.01.07 10:33

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