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Fancy Pony Land

fancypony.jpg What a name, Fancy Pony Land, but do not fear, its not a my little pony shiny rip off… its actually a fun fashion line of Lorna Leedy who grew up in Washington and is apparently now wandering the states in a Eurovan Camper. This collection with the oceanic theme is cute, and i’m liking the octopus skirt and the shark top, but put these all together and it feels very Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus series i grew up on. Come to think of it - i think this could be a great line for fun elementary school teachers teaching an oceans lesson!

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les demons

The cosmetics line Bourjois Paris has nice little design details and fun products that always drew me into their displays… just noticed this game/promo on their French site you need to go poke around! Not to mention it uses the work of Genevieve Gauckler, one of my favorite artists ever, to show “les anges contre les demons” in some great animations. I will even admit that my french is lacking so the card game probably lost much of its point on me, but clicking away for the animations was well worth it. (Feel free to post notes on the goal/how it works/etc!)

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Colette is one of my most pleasantly inspiring sites to visit, no matter what mood i am in when i stumble upon it, those 2d black and white dogs just put a smile on my face. Not to mention the incredible little world they live in that is the store, etc - as well as the incredible collection of great designer goods. New things there are —- Smiley Perfume by Ora Ito, “first ever happiness factor in the form of a perfume” Who could say no to that? Imagine walking down the street spraying it on grumpy people… and then there is the Bourjois mini kit - now the trend the last few years has been the mini lip glosses on keychains (which i still believe is a brilliant idea since a) seldom do i finish a full sized lip gloss before moving on to the next and b) saves space and is always handy) Well with the trand of having electronic keys picking up, or your cellphone as your key - this lipgloss is ready as your phone/zipperpull! Cute twist on the current trend.

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Octopus Girl

gaoctopus.pngKarmaSoup’s Gary Gao has some great illustration and graphic design work - you probably know his infamous Threadless tee with the Pet Human (girl and giant robot, or robot and mini girl)… But check out his new tee with the girl and the octopus! and what looks like mini baby octopi that are poking at her toes? Very cute.

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Full Bleed

Amazing - thought provoking - beautiful - and well designed shirt + poster placement. I’m a big fan of Full Bleed which i just discovered thanks to Prickie. The work of Rob Dobi grew into Full Bleed in the summer of 2004 as a side project - and apparently his following began due to his eye catching work with bands… letting “the music i listen to influence the work”. I love his mentality that “you pay enough money for a shirt, why have it act as a billboard?”. Love the site as well, great use of space and colors.

Also - this main image i like is “work is for the birds” poetic, punny, and i must admit it reminds me of that threadless shirt of the girl blowing her brains out and out comes butterflies - but i love this one so so much more.

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PRICKIE! Perfect name for what seems to be one of the most beautifully designed unique/artistic button sites, no? Must go check it out, it was my “how have i not seen this before!” find of the day - my source of inspiration for the moment that sent me launching off into sites of designers i found through their fabulous buttons. I love how the images load into the blank button, and all have the 3d effect subtly helping them POP.

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Forget Me Not

forgetmenot.jpgNoticed this at The Future Perfect in Brooklyn, then again at Propeller in Hayes Valley, SF, and then recently popping up in mags and design sites- Kiel Mead’s Forget Me Knot ring is another piece that casts an everyday object/idea into precious metals (sterling silver or gold). He’s an undergrad Pratt ID student. You’ve also probably seen his bent keys rings around - which remind me a lot of that bent spoon/fork handle jewelry you see at art fairs.

note to self: need one of these to remind me not to forget things i see wandering around for notcot.

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12 Monkeys

Ooh - reminds me of the 12 monkeys poster (you know - sci-fi white with red barrel of monkeys imagery?)… From Fuzz Design Workshop these fun aussie pieces are another to add to our collection of playful kid inspired luxury jewelry pieces… singlecast powdercoated monkeys in red/black/silver mirror. Fun piece, whether you loved barrel of monkeys, just like the image, see it as a symbol from the film, or just want to playfully adorn yourself with this cute necklace/bracelet! Thanks to the cool hunter.

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What luck that in my last hour in SF, driving along Hayes looking for parking by Jermacide’s new place, we saw a store that we swore wasn’t there the day before… and had to stop and go see if we were insane… Timbuk2’s first retail/showcase space opened yesterday. This SF brand of messenger bags (and now totes, laptop bags, designer/artist bags, and accessories cases) has been around since 1989 and their signature yellow swirl logo is an icon many recognize. It was nice to get to see so many of their more unique products in person, in one beautifully arranged space.

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Doe SF

Was wandering Lower Haight today and stumbled upon the most adorable haven of dear goods as well as great jewelry, art, clothing, paper goods, and more! (more includes those great ballet flats that can be folded in half to fit in your purse when you go out and your heels start to destroy your feet) Doe SF is a must see added to my list of usuals for this city… gave in and got that first cute pin you see to the left. They also currently have a great exhibition of the works of Jill Bliss on thats worth checking out.

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French Sloganization

tee-shirt529.JPG.jpgAh, La Fraise, you are so brilliant - i love you more than threadless. The Gallery of Slogans, you can submit to have printed as tees… and all are in french, and yes the foreign appeal is always fun. “Je vous aime. Sauf toi là-bas.” [I love you all. *Except you over there.] “On reconnait le bonheur au bruit qu’il fait en claquant la porte” [One recognizes the joy in the noise that he makes in slamming the door. ] “Un écran s’éteind, un être s’éveille” [The screen turns off, the person awakens.] “pan! z’etes tous morts” [Bang! You’re all dead.] “Je me fais trop vieux pour ces conneries” [I make myself too old for this shit] “Des millions d’années pour en arriver là” [Millions of years to get here.] “Optimystique” [optimystic] “J’ai eu une enfance formidable, si on exclut les pulls jacquard.” [I had a wonderful childhood, if you leave out the jacquard sweaters.] “Plus le temps il passe, plus le futur est plus moin loin de quand qu’il était près…” [The more time that passes, the more the future is more less far than when it was close…]

*these are Jermacide’s quick attempted translations - for more humorous versions see it in google translate.

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Viola Valone jewelry


Nevermind the fact that “Both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have been wearing Viola Valone pieces.” This stuff is too intriguing to not mention. Skulls? Check. Pirates? Check. Vampires and blood? Check and check. I’m a fan of the Vampire Kiss necklace and the charm bracelet myself, and notcot likes the heart with blood drop necklace. And you’ll probably find something you like too on the Viola Valone website. Too bad there isn’t more info about the designer there…

*Note: the pieces in the above image are not to scale

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Felt + Long Zippers + 3D geometric vision = Conphorm. In classic design school speak - “conphorm is a product design practice that explores the relationships among material, structure, and space that exist in everyday objects. conphorm makes these relationships tangible by connecting how objects are used with their fundamental qualities of formation, so that understanding the objects is more intuitive.” Designed in Berkeley, Conphorm has got some fun bags going on.

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Elsewares has more pieces by Analogous Jewelry - made in Brooklyn by Judith Hoetker. While we’ve seen the razor before… how great are these others? The gun is apparently cast from an old GI Joe gun - the bird with the fly are cast from old Victorian pieces, as i assume the arrow piercing heart earings are as well? This fun blend of old and a twist are playful and beautiful. My favorite is the grenade tiffany bracelet, which has such a nice weight to it, and the ring it hangs on looks like the grenade pin! [please note i had fun collaging this one, so images are not to scale relative to one another.]

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boredshirt2.jpgRemeber the Bored Girl? She’s been the source of all inspiration from day one of NOTCOT, and i’m thinking of reprinting her in whatever sizes/colors people are interested in [granted i have a ton of things going on, but some manual labor - read “handmade with love?” - would be good for me]. So if anyone is interested in a reprint - let me know colors/sizes/etc and i will try to make it happen in the next few weeks - 20$ a shirt!

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