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NorthFace Whistle

WOW. I love when you get your hands on a brilliantly designed product that is gorgeous and functions perfectly - and then you get surprised by some genius little detail. Like this WHISTLE - built into the clip that goes across your chest on this North Face Plasma 30 backpack. [please excuse the pic, and for a tiny bit more context, see below - i just bought my sister this bag, was playing around with it, the dslr was handy, turned it on myself, and the rest is… yea] My two favorite details in this picture are that the chest strap is removable/adjustable AND it has a whistle built in. You never know when you might need one, and it sure beats having another thing dangling from your bag - not to mention due to the adjustable/removable nature of this section, you can actually blow on it. Yes, details often fascinate me.

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Backseat Kiss

So cute. Monday… bit slow on the get go - but how adorable are there Backseat Kiss pieces? I like the little details - like they bothered to embroider little robots with hearts.

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Inside a Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag


To me, Marc Jacobs can do no wrong (even though some of his stuff is really a bit nuts). There’s nothing terribly special about this bag… until you take a closer look at the lining. Looks like a regular old paisely print but there’s actually bits of skeletons floating around, like an arm here, and rib cage there. There are also skulls worked into the print. I think it represents us notcot folks pretty well (or me at least)… unassuming on the outside, perhaps a little (playfully?) sinister on the inside.

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Velvet Banana

Velvet Banana. “Extensive graphics, which arise as a musical performance. The designs pretend to express all the vitality and energy that emerges in the live concerts and songs featuring our favorite bands.” [They ‘pretend’? I think they DO!] The company name arises as a homage to the Velvet Underground and their Warhol Banana cover. And i’m loving the packaging.

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Day Lab Goodness

It’s been a while since a decent necklace post - and these over at Day Lab were oh so cute. So first we have the Trees of Giant Jewels. They also have great apples. And next is the Baby Octupus by Little Ghost Designs. Doesn’t it remind you exactly of this ancient post pic? And then finally there is the large Brass Octopus by Amy Shutt. It has some wicked eyes and tentacles…

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Eloise Headresses

DailyCandy had some beautiful finds today, so i couldn’t resist posting this one as well. Eloise is a West London designer who makes headresses and hats a real piece of art. According to her site bio, Eloise trained at Kensington and Chelsea College under the discerning eye of Kirsten Scott, previously of Karl Lagerfield’s milliner for Chanel, and she’s clearly mastered her craft when you take a look at the masterpieces above, which start at a mere 60 pounds! And you simply must check out the hats as well…

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More woody glasses - but not faux-woody like people are saying the Diesel ones are - I present iWood! [please try to overlook the faux-iPod typography]. Here’s an eco friendly line of woody sunglasses and cuff/bangle bracelets that are pretty fun. via DailyCandy. [and they mentioned “iWood founder and designer Steve McMenamin worked for Porsche Design before striking out on his own.”]

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Patagonia Tees

I know we feature a lot of smaller tee designers - but now and then bigger companies get it right - and these Patagonia tees seemed postworthy. There’s something about that whale i just love, and good colors, and extremely comfortable materials.

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Quick vent - how horrendous is it that travel and outdoor stores are always trying to sell you those lightweight travel bags for “when you suddenly need a tote bag” and the colors and styles LOOK like they came out of your pocket and took 5 seconds to design?

Well check out the new Lightweight line over at Patagonia… made of “extremely lightweight triple-ripstop fabric affords excellent tear resistance” - it feels a bit like that silicized cordura you can find in camping sections for stuff sacks and such. AND they all fold up into their own tiny pockets. Its the lightest bag/backpack i’ve seen in a while, especially where effort went into smart design. The Courier is messenger bag meets tote - inspired by the classic Buddhist monk’s bag. And the Tote and Backpack are simple, but have the essential extra pockes inside/on top.

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yesyes.jpgHow enthusiastic are you as a bride to be? Would a double diamond ring make you exclaim “YES! YES!” ? Check out this and a few other fun pieces over at Noisy Forest, their shirts have been featured at Commes des Garcons and Colette to name a few. And funky quote from their Finding Rabbit section - “Rabbit is an indescribable feeling, a kind of silly happiness that leaves you dumbfounded for the entire day, a spontaneous split second that changes your whole life’s events.” (???) “Have you found your rabbit?” [thanks Tan]

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Yay! Mail! Ok, excitement aside - I do not think i will ever fail to get excited to find a package in the mailbox, especially one that opens up to such fun goodies from down under. So first things first, you tear open the mailer pouch after glancing at all the customs stickers and signed “Dangerous Goods and Aviation Security Statement” - there is a nice hand painted cardboard box, with what looks like an inkjet printed label on it (see image below)… and when you pop that open, before you even get to the shirt - i found PEOPLE LIKE US candy (sucking on a piece now) - that literally has ‘people like us’ written in it… some stickers, pins, postcards, and a silly little puffer fish toy! As for the shirt, I received the Tree Hugger, which fits beautifully, is flattering and incrediblly soft, and i love the little red robin just as much now as i did when i first found it.

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Veering away from that dangerous weaponry as jewelry trend, here are the more oceanic and naturally inspired ones with a slight twist. Jermacide claims ties between that diamond studded peach pit on what looks like a golden shoe lace and James and the Giant Peach, but i feel like its a slight reach. In a similar - fruit leftover - type of way, that applecore is somewhat interesting… and the acorn is just cute and simple. Then for the oceanic pieces, i really liked the smooth curvature of the mantas and octopus, so just threw them in for fun. Pieces from KaviarKind.

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Don’t Sacrifice Hygiene

diodeneck.jpgZelle - “ELECTRONIC LIFESTYLE HIPSTER STORE” - what’s that mean? Well… “[Fractalspin is] filled with geeky, yet fashionable stuff. Not all of us are Thinkgeek style nerds. Some of us indulge in the digital without sacrificing hygiene.” - those last three little words are key.

Anyhow, yes, i’m a bit out of it and cleaning through the inbox is good fun with such great submissions - but i am kicking myself for not having read more carefully earlier… for i’d love to have that necklace, except its a one of a kind (SOLD OUT) Cascading Diode Necklace… and i’ve been wanting something of that style for a while, but hated the boring jewels commonly seen when you get close enough. But don’t fear there are many more fun ones at ZelleStyle… also Electronic Musician’s Emergency Adapters! Love the packaging. Makes me want to be an electronic musician.

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People Like Them

People Like Us. So “ARE people like them?” or “DO people like them?” - tricky, clever, and i love this shirt. I know i’ve passed by this shirt a few times on various sites, but it popped up in my inbox cleaning, and i stopped and looked at it more closely and fell in love with that robin all over again. And how cool is their packaging? with the goodies that look like pins and postcards and CANDY? T-shirts definitely ought to be more than simply some cloth in a bubble wrap people!

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“We love Art and Design, Typography, and of course, T-shirts. Oddica is the perfect outlet for our passions. We have designed T-shirts for companies such as Split, Hurley, West Coast Choppers, and Sole Technology, and we have shipped T-shirts to retailers large and small. It is this experience, working on both sides of the T-shirt industry, that has led us here. The focal point of our company is our Artists. How they interpret a particular idea, and how that idea looks on a shirt, determines whether a customer is going to buy, plain and simple.”

Tonight, on top of the WHAT people are making, i’m stuck on the question of WHY. And cleaning through my inbox (which i’m sorry everyone, i’m very behind on due to taking care of some family business here in Oxford at the moment) - this about section of Oddica just felt like the reason why any of us should do anything. But the shirts look amazing, and i can’t wait to see some in person, they certainly have the right ideas behind this company.

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