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Love Luggage Joint

Jana Feifer’s latest line, Love Luggage Joint, made me smile today ~ you can choose various colors (black, white, brown, blue, etc) and which symbol you like (skull, crown, peace sign)… and how cute is that skull on the toiletry case and coin purse? Oh also watch out for the music, its just cute and retro enough to embed itself in your head.

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Paul Smith + Catalina Estrada

estrada.jpgCongrats to Catalina Estrada ~ (we featured her gorgeous illustration mets fashion here earlier). Apparently Paul Smith shed his signature stripes and collaborated with her on this collection for Japan. More images below.

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NotCouture Bags

NotCouture #694NotCouture #697NotCouture #705NotCouture #714NotCouture #713NotCouture #726NotCouture #729NotCouture #675NotCouture #661NotCouture #659Click to find out more! Sorry its been a ridiculously hectic monday ~ so before i catch up on some posts, here are some fun roundups to overdose you in visual tempations… NotCouture has had quite its fill of gorgeous bags lately!

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Loro Piana

loropiana.jpgMmmmm fall is coming. Well as far as fashion is concerned anyhow, seeing as it’s barely August in the real world. Was browsing Italian Loro Piana’s latest collection and it just felt like how i always imagined fall to look - love the way their catalog shows you the gorgeous sketches and then the actual pieces. Definitely time to find that perfect fall/winter coat… and then run away to somewhere other than socal.

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Kimberly Baker

Kimberly Baker’s newest collection takes 7 old adages and transforms them into these gorgeous 18kt gold vermeil or sterling silver coins. “A bold way to glam up jeans and a vest, an original addition to your black cocktail dress, the classic coin, inscribed with the parable, is proof that old fashioned adages are made to be broken by a modern girl.” The only thing more precious than these necklaces are the descriptions of them - pasted below, so i don’t forget.

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NOTCOUTURE: Raw Clothing

rawclothingdiscount.jpg Well, it had to end sometime… NotCouture’s launch week is drawing to a close. But not before we hook you up with one more discount! On Friday, August 3rd starting at midnight (pacific time) you’ll be able to save 25% off all regular priced items at Raw Clothing with the code: NOTCOUTURE. Of all the stores featured, notcot and I have a more personal experience with this one because their physical retail space is actually in San Diego, where we met in college. (Aww…) Here you can definitely get your fill of jeans and tshirts (the cream of the crop, of course) . Think of this as our way of helping provide you with some clothes for a nice, laid back, summery San Diego-type weekend. Dunno what I’m talking about? Check out some of our picks below after the jump!

Also! A reminder: We’ll be picking the winner for our Kasil giveaway this Friday night (August 3rd)!! You have until just before midnight (like, 11:59:59 PM on Friday) to enter the contest!

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NOTCOUTURE: shopjake.com

discountsShopJake.jpg More discounts coming at ya! On Thursday, August 2nd shopjake.com is offering 20% off all regular priced merchandise* when you use the code: NOTCOT. They’ve got pieces from some super cool labels like Loeffler Randall, Ksubi, Rogues Gallery (previously featured on NOTCOT), Mayle, Pedro Garcia, and many more. That, plus the clean and modern look of the store, makes shopjake.com one of my favorite destinations to shop/browse online. You know how wearing that one special article of clothing can boost your confidence? Maybe it isn’t super flashy, but it’s just that little something..? It’s like shopjake carries everything that could possibly make you feel that way. If I ever make it out to Chicago, I’ll definitely have to check out one of their three locations in person.

If you need some direction on where to start, check out some of the NotCouture picks below… also, for all you boys trying to win the Kasil Jeans - check out the ones linked below… somehow they are only $85 and not even on sale, so the 20% works! apparently it was a typo and back up to $185.

*Code is not valid on pre-order items and special orders. Free shipping on all domestic orders (48 states) with at least one non-sale item and always free international shipping over $300 USD.

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NotCouture: Free People

notcoutureFreePeopleDiscount.jpgNotCouture Launch week: Day 3. And we are thrilled to announce Free People is offering you a 20% discount today from 9am EST Aug 1 through 9am the 2nd. Just think of these discounts as our way to ease the pain of the temptations on NotCouture, and if you need help getting started, check out some of our picks from Free People after the jump.

Now, as for Free People - they are personally one of my favorite brands and blogs. So what’s their story? Sister store to Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie, and sits right between the two demographic/age wise. With its playful boho-chic styling, and some of the best catalog shoots around… the story of this brand is fascinating as well. Launched back in the 70’s as Free People… the store/brand evolved into Urban Outfitters… which then spawned many variations of its wholesale brands, from bulldog, cooperative, anthropologie, and… in 1984 Free People was back. And recently in 2001, they “realized it was Free People that invoked soe of our favorite images, those of femininity, courage, and spirit… And that’s just who we wanted to reach, a 26-year-old girl, smart, creative, confident and comfortable in all aspects of her being, free and adventurous, sweet to tough to tomboy to romantic. A girl who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with traveling and hanging out and everything in between.”

Hm, doesn’t that sound a lot like what NOTCOT stands for too? It’s no wonder i love Free People so. Enjoy! 20% off is good for a day, so get to it!

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Simpsons @ Colette

Ok so we all went nuts for that Harper’s Bazaar Simpsons go to Paris fashion spread… what’s better? The images displayed gallery style, WITH the real designers in matching outfits, at Colette in Paris. Try not to swoon until you’ve seen all the pictures, i wish i could be there in person. A few pics to get you started below featuring Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld, alber Elbaz, and some great simpsons champagne glasses and other products… view the full gallery here. Oh, and the movie was awesome and worth seeing by the way, it’s basically a giant episode, only they can do all the things they can’t do on tv.

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WIN IT! Kasil Denim

So for day 2 of our NotCouture launch week ~ Win a pair of Kasil Jeans!: I’ll give you till Friday Midnight to let us know in the notes what makes designer denim well worth it to you, and why you’d need a pair of the latest Kasil (and i’ll put the winner in touch with our man at Kasil to hook you up with a pair in your size - don’t be shy, they make guys and girls denim). Also, don’t forget the 25% off at Standard Style is still good today!

Now, for more about Kasil Denim (since i’ve already told you about their website and washes) - time to show you why we love their jeans, not to mention why i’ll be jealous of whoever wins the pair friday! Read more below to see closeups of why we love their button and pocket details, their falcon logo, some sneak peeks of their downtown LA 1920’s ballroom turned denim factory/studio, and their latest look book shots by Mike Rosenthal (yes, the top model one) in an old theater.

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NotCouture: StandardStyle

standardstylediscount2.jpgNOTE: TYPO IN THE IMAGE - its a two day, it was July 30-31! Standard Style is one of those sites I came across a few years ago when I had a renewed interest in denim. I was searching for Paper Denim & Cloth jeans, and was happy to find that this site offered a lot of other stuff I could see myself wearing too, like the much-loved 3.1 Phillip Lim, SEE by Chloe, and of course Marc by Marc Jacobs. I love the selection of brands for both girls and guys. The folks at Standard Style are nice enough to offer a special discount to NOTCOT readers to celebrate the launch of NotCouture this week! The 25% off discount code: notcot25 is valid starting on July 30th at midnight Mountain Time, and will run through Tuesday, July 31st Midnight. Happy shopping!

Not sure where to start? How about check out some NotCouture Standard Style picks below?

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NotCouture Launch!

NotCouture #588NotCouture #631NotCouture #570NotCouture #597NotCouture #636NotCouture #610NotCouture #606NotCouture #577NotCouture #633NotCouture #627NotCouture launch is official! Click any of those pics up there to find out more about them… I know, regular readers have been hearing about it for a while, but outside we’ve been keeping it pretty quiet, and everything needs a proper announcement! So to celebrate our 4th site (1st NOTCOT.com, then NOTCOT.org, followed by TasteSpotting, and now for your luxe and fashion indulgences…) NotCouture… we are going to have a week of extra fashion and wearable posts, and all the usual designer inspiration as well of course… we will also be having a giveaway (you’ll hear more about the great denim tomorrow) as well as some exclusive 25% off discounts to some of our favorite online retailers, because, honestly, if you are nearly as tempted as we are by all the mens and womens fashions and accessories, the 25% off certainly helps to soften the blow to your wallet!

How can you help? Spread the word! Tell your fashion loving friends (or those who could use some shopping inspiration). And definitely feel free to help contribute posts of designers, shoes, bags, dresses, belts, products that you love! (Don’t forget - we’ll have some fun new announcements every day this week.)

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Glaser Designs

I think i may be getting hooked on a new magazine, and i haven’t even see the print version yet… Conde Nast’s Portfolio (so far it reminds me a bit content-wise of Monocle) - and i just discovered Glaser Designs in their article.

Glaser Designs produces leather and fabric bags which are handmade in their San Francisco Studio (yes, they are on my list of things to look into further next week) - as you can see from above the craftsmanship and design look incredible, and clean and classic. What REALLY drew me to these bags were the Insiders line of various organizational components… Laptop sleeve, adjustable modular holsters, wine organizers! Even folder holders, mesh organizers, and suitors that fit (see more images below). These components fit into their many bags, from the gorgeous leather duffel i’m craving above, to their more serious briefcases (see image below). And if you have specific requirements, they even do custom sizes - so you can have the exact combination you desire.

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Stila Acapulco

I think i have a soft spot for makeup and alcohol/bottled water, because they tend to become about 85% about the packaging for me often. And today’s random mesmerizing inspiration is this new eye shadow trio from Stila. Simple bronze packaging, and a gorgeous palette of three mexican inspired hues perfect for summer. The pressed patterns i couldn’t take my eyes off, and ended up buying it to scan it (and i’m loving the colors). This one is Acapulco - there are also trios inspired by Mazatlan and Vallarta (see them all at Sephora). Look at more images below… it reminds me of the Tantric Buddhist Mandala sand paintings a bit…

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i|m active

i|m active: There are hair things and there are hair things… and there are hair things in great packaging… foil ziplocs! AND great labeling as well as an ActiveHold Technology TOUCH window! And seriously, how can you resist that. Well beyond the great packaging… this line of active hair accessories actually has a whole new kind of grip on the outside! It weaves two types of rubber strands on the surface of the bands for extra grip, as well as having no metal clasp (the connector actually looks a lot like heatshrink). I picked up the elastics, as well as the head wraps which look like giant elastics (instead of their other wide flat headbands) - in addition to their extra tension claw clip/elastic hybrid (more images below!). And i’m impressed, my buns and ponytails aren’t going anywhere as much as i shake my head… nor are my bangs that tend to escape! What else is in the line? Barrettes and award winning shoelaces! all with the same grippy technology.

Now for the unexpected part - i|m active is by the makers of Industrie which produces high end salon tools… which are a business unit of Newell Rubbermaid. Yes, THAT rubbermaid… of tupperware, etc.

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