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Sharp’s… for men, and down there.

I am in love with this logo, and tempted to get the panties/tank with that image on it… But personal obsessions aside… this was one well marketed/graphically clean site and brand worth looking at… for the ladies (see this barber blog entry for women down under)… and a great gift for the guys. I particularly like the Covert Carry-on for random boy gift, coming in a great bag by Triple Five Soul, and an assortment of great looking products, perfect for that secret weekend runaway you don’t give him a chance to prepare for before takeoff. As they say “Maintenance matters”, and who can stand a guy who doesn’t at least care a little about maintance when no one else is looking?

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Nail Brush

nailbrush.pngRead up on Berlin-based brush company Die Imaginare Manufaktur (The Imaginary Factory)… fell for their playful tongue in cheek designer brushes, particularly this “Nail Brush”. These projects range over the last few years, and are dreamt up variations of how one can push the boundaries of what a brush is. The London Design Museum store carries quite a few of these designs, be sure to also check out the Jaws brush and the Shoe brushes (which naturally come in a red heel and a black mens dress shoe).

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SNAP design

Fun designs in the form of flap-overs, coin purses, and laptop sleeves… playful vibrant geometric looks… and fun interface. Snap!

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Holy Grail of Curling?

899_lg_ver.jpgShu Uemura’s Eyelash Curler has been THE curler everyone’s needed to own the last few years… Commemorating the 15th Anniversary of this iconic product is the new limited edition 24K Gold and Black Nickel hand crafted editions. For the girl that has it all, a gold eyelash curler… best of the best, for only 22$.

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Cool Feet, Airbrush Heels

modelco.pngBuy this for any woman who has to run around in heels.

Cool Feet Airbrush Catwalk Heels is a foot cooling spray that instantly revives and refreshes sore tired feet with a fine mist of ache-relieving ingredients like cooling menthol to reduce temperature and temporarily relieve foot aches and pains; natural extracts of papaya for revitalization; bamboo to restore natural softness to the skin; chamomile to soothe; and the refreshing scent of peppermint to invigorate senses. ModelCo Tip: Keep a can of Cool Feet in your purse for a blast of icy instant relief throughout the day - when you need it most.

My feet want this. I can’t imagine anyone who has danced the night away, or run around working in heels all day who wouldn’t want this… assuming it works as well as it says?

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22372.jpgNo i did not just post jello… its Lush’s new Soap! With the same consistency as jello, the new line of Shower Jellies by Lush look like too much fun to pass up. (and this one is Ba Da Bing Ba Da Boom, and has the same scents as my favorite Sex Bomb)…

Freeze Them, Chill Them, Jiggle Them. In The Shower No One Can Hear You Scream. Bada Bing Bada Boom Shower Jelly is the ultimate in cold showers. Its sensual scents (the same essential oils as Sex Bomb) are blended with red wine and an infusion of rose petals, soothing lavender and stimulating thyme herb. Say, for example, it’s summer and you’re with someone you find very, very attractive but you’re just too hot and bothered to do anything about it, what you really need is a cold shower to cool you down but not put you off entirely. Grab the Bada Bing from the freezer, clean your body with its cool lather and inhale the calming (aphrodisiac) jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage perfumes. That should work just nicely.

How much fun does that sound?

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salzwedel.pngI love this belt. Los Angeles based artist/illustrator, Brooks Salzwedel’s belts are making their way around town (you can find them at Fred Segal)… and i love the layering of imagery within the molded resin, creating that spacious creepy air to them… and a great mix of black and white with a hint of colors…

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Coromandels de Chanel

chanel.pngThe intricate designs embedded in this compact are just gorgeously reminiscent of the past, and epitomizes fall’s soft/vibrant looks.Inspired by the intricately designed Coromandel screens owned and adored by Mademoiselle Chanel, this exquisitely rendered colour palette ignites cheeks with brick and gold, and eyes with intense black.

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Scrub your sole

ET9382.jpgIf you’re a flip flop girl, you know your feet take a beating regularly and it can be such a pain to scrub them all the time with hardcore devices that look like mini cheese graters… but this suction cup happy “Sole Scrubber” from Earth Therapeutics, is a nice daily massage for your feet while your shower… as they say

Take a cue from Asian culture and make foot scrubbing an end of the day ritual with this convenient mat. Suction cups secure the foot-shaped mat to the tub or shower floor, while plastic fibers cleanse and massage. With a squirt of our Tea Tree Oil Foot Wash, squeaky-clean feet are just a shuffle away.

Check it out, i found it at Whole Foods, you will feel better.

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The Diver Within

The diver within me loves the old school look of these images of underwater hand signals. FishPie shirt

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Pls Code Responsibly

What more can i say? Car driving into water. “Please Code Responsibly” on back. Only flaw, that color. If it wasn’t on that color i’d have ordered it already. (yellow and i, don’t mix so well.) A List Apart

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shueye.pngTrendy again? False eyelashes? This was the fun aspect of last night’s bday celebrations… and i just thought it was cute that Shu Uemura has new fun ones, that were too cute not to post… check out the link to the cute email.

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zoom.gifI miss fishing with my dad as a kid, travelling the world, watching life float by as eggshell shards drift down into the abyss below… His birthday is coming up too, and this shirt just reminded me of all of that. Good times. When things were simple, unlike this shirt… which leaves the poor fisherman in quite the predicament… but that is truly what the hunt for the biggest, next fish always is, isn’t it? It’s all about the unattainable.

For more, check out the Artist’s other work as well… nice illustration portfolio of Andy Weitzel.

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NON - Jordan Crane

non.pngNON… one of my favorite shirts by Jordan Crane. This is the one i wear when i don’t feel like being bothered, am deep in thought and wish to disregard the world. It’s an old favorite. Sorry slacked a few days. But the blog isn’t a job, and its only as good as my real life is… so the more i live it, the more i find to post! So bear with the lulls, just means more goodness to come? Also check out the Art of Jordan Crane… He takes screen printing to a level i’m only aspiring to at the moment.

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Pomme Sleepies

pomme.pngPomme is a new LA sleepwear line, by Apple and Sweet P. This sleepless night, there is a trend in posts in the dark. And DailyCandy, just sent me my daily dose of these great pieces that are cute enough to pass as non-sleepy clothes… Of the collection this piece is my favorite, and those are just about the cutest possibly least practical slippers yet (and so inuit, i love it).

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