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Turtle Dove Bands

On interesting trends ~ the bird/nature inspired trend doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon, and an interesting emerging trend are the use of feathers (to go with the many bird silhouettes we’ve been seeing the last man months?)… Turtle Dove Feather Headband at Free People. It adds an interesting texture to the look, so natural, yet so controlled, and a nice contrast in the black and white. They also have two peacock feather variations.

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Monzo VDAY

Vday is around the corner, so how do you show that you are into it, without being TOO over the top? Kind of loving this subtle little heart pin from Amor de Madre by Marc Monzo.

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TokiDoki necklaces

TokiDoki launches a necklace line! And these three designs just grabbed me as i woke up.

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Air Necklace

Air Necklace from Kyouei Designs ~ the guys who brought us the much talked about balloon lamp and honeycomb lamp. The air necklace really is just a nicely shaped extravagant mylar balloon ~ not sure how nice those edges would feel, and too bad they dont have a picture of someone wearing it~ but fun idea.

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CARE - Stella McCartney

CARE by Stella McCartney is a new line of skincare ~ that is Ecocert-certified. CARE is “a unique luxury line of certified organic skincare, formulated with 100 percent organic active ingredients and zero percent petrochemicals or silicones.” While she isn’t necessarily the first eco/organic line out there (my old time favs is still Neal’s Yard Remedies) - it is really interesting to see this transition of luxury and eco merging… also, i am a big fan of her logo, and sleek design/packaging. There is even a discovery kit of travel sized testers to give the new line a try.

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Fahrer = Mobility

Fahrer stands for Mobility, and appeal to my love of things made from recycled truck tarps, boat covers, etc… (see my extensive Recycled Bags List). These “MeinBands” by Berlin company Fahrer are a great new take on reflective bands and straps to keep your pants from getting caught/dirtied while biking, etc. (via BigChief)

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Karen Walker Jewelry

Karen Walker Jewelry ~ heads up the flashy popuppy site pained me, but the photography for the jewelry is breathtaking… in that slightly creepy stylish taxidermist sort of way. Noticed this over at Sub Studio.

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PNUT Jewelry

It’s been a little while since my latest weapon based jewelry find… but gun lovers or not, the quality of these are impressive… and oh so cute. Love the shark bomb and the grenade especially - and something so fun about the snub nose, and the pirate pistol, and the silencer… PNUT Jewelry.

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Bad Shannon

Skulls and cross bones may be overdone for the last few seasons, but history certainly proves our obsessions with the core of our bodies will not be going away anytime soon. That being said, the unfortunate thing is the inundation of terrible skulls all over… so a good skull is hard to find!

Check out these skull and bone rings and cufflinks by Brooklyn designer, Bad Shannon. There’s something perfect about the curvature and faces thats kind of fun…. she also has a cheeky line of meat jewelry (yes, like T-bones on a chain), some great ants, and a fun Coral Rose ring i’m liking. More images below.

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String Republic

Designer artsy panties and boxers? I must admit i never did fall for those espadrilles with the rest of the net when i first heard about The String Republic, but this new line… i want. Imagine how fun those skullz peeking out of the back of a low riding pair of jeans might be? So here’s a fun little something to drool over for a Friday post… and my other favorites below. via oO on the ThisNext/NOTCOT tags…

p.s. feeling creative? you can even have DIY undies….

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DB Clay and Bro for Sis

Holiday tees that are edgy. Who would have thought it was possible… or who would have thought you’d ever see festive holiday wear on notcot?!?! Well consider me completely smitten, and craving this green Christmas Camo tee. I think we might have just found the best holiday present … even comes in a great box - is one of those insanely soft, perfectly flattering, long tees… and they are all hand printed and unique due to the fact that “All of these shirts were printed flat with oversized screen print. Expect the screen print to be placed in a different spot every single time so expect the shirt you order to vary slightly from image above. No two are the same.” - and they have nice printed “tags”, and that extra little something, in the form of a nice pinned on Brother for Sister tag as well as a “small, square & plaid holiday ribbon stitched on the backside hem” for that extra festive touch. (Pictures of all and more below)

But wait - there’s more? The story behind this duo is quite adorable as well. As the tag explains so nicely “Year round, db clay produces uniques wallets called pocket art & Shade offers top quality women’s apparel that’s cut to fit-well & cover the body. Brother for Sister festive tees are the first collaboration between these two home grown brands. The founders of db clay & Shade are literally brother & sister.” And the shirts are all limited to 500 prints. They sent over the red Peppermint Crook and the white/creme Branches with Bows ~ and they really are a great tee ~ but that green one is something special.

p.s. for all the screen printing types - Brother & Sister has a gorgeous blog with really fun images of their printing facility and a lot of behinds the scenes of the shirts…

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RedStart Design

redStartJewelry.jpg Remember the “Subtle Safety Ring” by RedStart? It’s the ring that folds out into a brass knuckle-like formation. I saw it awhile back and wanted it so badly but never got around to actually buying it. Well now the ladies at the San Francisco-based jewelry design company have a new version of the ring that’s part silver, part red acrylic, and I have to say I’m a little tempted to get it even though it doesn’t appear to fold out. (I can’t seem to find the all silver version anymore and I wonder if it’s because of laws about brass knuckles..?) This ring ranks very high up there on my list of jewelry that has a dangerous side. They also have a sweet collection of jewelry called the Bone Series whose pieces “call attention to the body, its curves and bones.” I love the bracelet!

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Gaultier Hats

Fashionline’s covered the Paris shows, and Jean Paul Gaultier’s line caught my eye in particular. Well his hat hair more than anything. Yes, terrible pun, but how can anyone resist… top hats are one thing, crazy hair is another - but this takes it to a creative level even the mad hatter in alice in wonderland doesn’t seem capable of pulling off. I’m not sure if i’m impressed or horrified, but there’s something rather mesmerizing about that hair (and i can’t help but wonder if there’s a real hat in there somewhere)… and that Christine Suppes managed to avoid mentioning it in the write up.

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Peeps Like Us

Nothing rings in the holiday season quite like a redesign! and new shirts! and new printing styles! and new packaging! and the prospect of HOODIES! I’ve fallen for this gold fish. Kintoto - Nanami Cowdroy
(Sydney, Australia). People Like Us Collective.

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Single Speed - CANVAS

Canvas Messenger Bags from Timbuk2. Hot out of the inbox, Timbuk2 just announced their new Single Speed line of bags: 6 bags; shown above are the Courier and Laptop Courier ~ there is also the Musette (modeled off the bicycle racer feed bag, thin and taller than it is wide), Relay (fatty musette thats more squarish), Slant (your asymetrical bike bag), and the Toe Clip (a large square messenger bag).

Ok, so i might have gotten a little link happy there. But i’m excited about their new line ~ finally something different in the messenger bag genre… Although part of why i love these so far is that they are a nice throwback to the old army surplus bags (i had a black one in high school i LOVED, until the canvas finally tore from the weight of everything). Also, this one doesn’t have velcro like my Chrome and the other Timbuk2s… so quieter during meetings… a bit hard to tell how these Toe Clip’s work though. Also i wonder how this would hold up in weather? I’m almost surprised there isn’t a hemp version. Anyhow, will get back with more info when i see one of these in person someday, But nice first impression.

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