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Matchbox nailpolish

wink.pngOOOH. Everyone has their little life rituals. Mine happen to be painting my nails every which color when stressed. I think the drying forces you to be calm and sit still. Meditative. Or is it the fumes?

Anyhow, Wink Beauty created this adorable combination of Vintage Inspired Matchbox sized nail polish and nail file duo. Too perfect for purse sized emergencies… unexpected stress… or the sudden need for color. 14$

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pixelgirl.jpgRemember when you have a billion links… and then you finally revisit some old sites and find they’ve grown and evolved into so much more? PixelGirlPresents was always a great icon resource… and i just dicovered, a funky consignment store as well for great handmades!

So above we have Voodoo Toaster’s Maki Lip Gloss Set [adorably edible like?]… old school cassette tape earings [funky gift for the playful rocker within?]… and just too cute not to post super mini sushi necklace.

And just in, apparently Voodoo Toaster is a friend of one of our new contributors hfriend! So more coming from him soon. The internet. It’s a small (big) world out there.

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Vintage Hard Candy

P12688_hero.jpgEver notice that our perception of time has been shortened? Do you remember when Hard Candy first changed the way Nail Polish was marketed? Revolutionized the color possiblities with the pastels and crazy blues and names like Trailer Trash? And who can forget their trademark jelly rings? That was NOT that long ago… so maybe it was 10 years since USC student,Dineh Mohajer, became a cosmetics powerhouse, before being bought out by LVMH and then sold to the Falic Group in 2003. But seriously 1995 is not old enough to be considered VINTAGE, is it? Anyhow for anyone who missed the old colors, and old bottles… they are back. Vintage Hard Candy.

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razors.jpgNice solution…[center] For the girls, or maybe just to friends… a quickie. I used to love the guys Mach3 razor… then i forgot mine when i was travelling and picked up a Venus Divine (customized for women, etc), and while it was nice, a bit large/plasticy for me. So the free Schick Quattro just came a few days ago, and i just had to share its the perfect hybrid between those two by Gillette. It has the slim/weighted body of the Mach3, nice female friendly design, 4 razors, and has a cap for the razor (instead of having to have it loose, or on a big stand/case)… and it really has left me incredibly smooth.

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Burberry Dots

buberry.jpg“Burberry eyes the dots in Japan” is the article title from Creativity Magazine… amazingly enough, and after two years of development, Tokyo agency Tugboat has created the “serious change” Burberry desired… “The challenge in developing the new pattern was how to maintain the tradition and the quality of the Burberry check yet make it into a new iconic image of the brand.” Gutsy. [Is this in the style of LV going Murakami?]

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hydrolab.jpgI’m picky, but when i fall for graphics, i fall fast. This is a quick scan of a shirt i found at Hydrolab… i was impressed with the style of graphics and shirts they printed on for their own label. Its a very street/LA style boutique mixed with a more San Diego chilled beachy (with your usual haviannas and surf boards at the back)… a few good finds, worth a look-see if you’re around here. HydroLab, 1140 Abbott Kinney, Venice, CA 90291, +1.310.450.7221 I love the style of this girl in the image, especially the way the waves are drawn to almost evoke an acquatic “dragon and the princess” serene yet potentially dangerous visual…

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*are you generic?


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Plug -

light blue plug t-shirt.jpgcute shirts, interesting interface… Dimension7.ch has an overly clean interface that lets users choose Character, Style, Color before ordering in a style different than your usual pull down shopping menus… and for that i love it. Loving the use of text and imagery repeated in the middle. and interesting imagery on the shirts as well.

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downpour_01_item.jpgHAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH SPEAR and sorry i missed out on the big 21 bash in NY, crazy 8am flights, what can i say… In the spirit of things this generous boy is going back to children’s party-like ways with goodies for all on his blog [i picture this as the grown up bloggers way of handing out goodie bags of silly toys and candy]… and i’m loving this adorable downpour undie set… SO CUTE. So had to post the pic… go check out their others too. I See France. And help the boy out, and VOTE FOR HIS SHOE!

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Alex + Chloe

alexandchloeShadow and Light collection These are funky/sleak, and the anti-bling. Think about it, you’re basically wearing a shadow or a former self, it’s the anti-jewelery. And i love the playful designs in shiny black pastic. Alex and Chloe is an LA based design label which encompasses that anti-bling indie/80’s rocker icon lover within. The overhwleming look of a mound of these on your neck, still hangs so flatly it’s rather understated. [note: these also come in gold, but i’m not as big a fan of those]

They were featured in MetroPop, which noted “…about this kind of loud fashion — it just doesn’t care, and feels comfortable not caring.” It’s certainly not about taking yourself too seriously, but still shows your flair for creating a “look” of your own.

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Sole Searching…

985-170333-p.jpgI never expected a pair of shoes to express what i am feeling textually. I’m a girl Sole Searching. For shoes, and in life in general. But the shoes are so-so, i just think it’s an interesting idea that Kenneth Cole took their ad campaign so far… in a good way. Nothing like some good, bold, blunt statements in print. I’m a barbara kruger fan through and through, while a picture is worth 1000 words, a few more in text often add the desired irony/sarcasm/not-so-obvious. Shoewawa

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60’s Frames

image1l.JPG.jpgSweet. I just like them. To look at. Maybe not to wear. I love this image, great color, fun size, timeless look (ok maybe that’s a little of a stretch). Thanks BagLady

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Patagonia. Sorry.

48271_459.fpx.jpgI love Patagonia. I love their older model of the Atom Bag. I have always wanted one of their messenger bags. It has just never been perfect enough. And i thought that had ended today…

Enter: the brand new Half-Mass bag… i go to A16 to buy a sleeping bag, and with their extremely personable knowledgable staff, i get shown the brand new line of Patagonia Messenger Bags. WOOHOO, it was gorgeous, (i love that dark chocolate color… their name not mine)… EXTREMELY light for a padded multi-compartmented computer bag… so what could go wrong?

I bought it. 79$ not bad at all… until i tried my computer in it.

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Shu-Shu, Baby

lv_shu01b_df.jpg“Shu-Shu, Baby” is what Sinatra inscribed on a make up case for Uemura. This article chronicles the rise of Shu Uemura from the 1962 “My Geisha” to Marilyn Monroe… all the way to the new SF Fillmore store opening on Weds.

Additionally the SF Gate describes the work of Ai Yamaguchi (seen in this image working on the mural) and her relationship with Uemura from her sponsorship of her first solo show in LA after being part of the Murakami Factory…

Surrounded by fog, she’s accompanied by girls with teal manga eyes representing Japan’s seven gods of good luck, all paddling through shallow waters dotted with blossoming lotus plants and reeds, which is what Yamaguchi imagined they would encounter beyond landfall. The journey has transformed them all, and they will undergo more change upon landing in San Francisco, Yamaguchi said.

The characters are apparently on a journey to find strength, and the makeup and brushes in the store will come to further transform them. She also uses shimmering gold swirls to represent changes in time as well as allusions to the gold rush which she “studied in school”. Fascinating read… continue here.

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Oh, you pretty things…


Okay, I don’t know why, but I’m suddenly jonesin’ for some jewelry. I think perhaps this A.V.Max ring is to blame for setting off the craving, and the fact that it is backordered for a few more days is making it worse! This ring can be purchased through Girlshop.com.I usually don’t like gold or gold-toned jewelry, but this one is appealing to me anyway. Costing only $18, I wonder what it’s actually made of..?

Some more jewelry I’m lusting after is made by Small Things Designs. They make stuff that’s more like what I usually like: silver and simple. It’s also very elegant, and I like the contemporary symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes.

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