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Viola Valone jewelry


Nevermind the fact that “Both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have been wearing Viola Valone pieces.” This stuff is too intriguing to not mention. Skulls? Check. Pirates? Check. Vampires and blood? Check and check. I’m a fan of the Vampire Kiss necklace and the charm bracelet myself, and notcot likes the heart with blood drop necklace. And you’ll probably find something you like too on the Viola Valone website. Too bad there isn’t more info about the designer there…

*Note: the pieces in the above image are not to scale

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Felt + Long Zippers + 3D geometric vision = Conphorm. In classic design school speak - “conphorm is a product design practice that explores the relationships among material, structure, and space that exist in everyday objects. conphorm makes these relationships tangible by connecting how objects are used with their fundamental qualities of formation, so that understanding the objects is more intuitive.” Designed in Berkeley, Conphorm has got some fun bags going on.

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Elsewares has more pieces by Analogous Jewelry - made in Brooklyn by Judith Hoetker. While we’ve seen the razor before… how great are these others? The gun is apparently cast from an old GI Joe gun - the bird with the fly are cast from old Victorian pieces, as i assume the arrow piercing heart earings are as well? This fun blend of old and a twist are playful and beautiful. My favorite is the grenade tiffany bracelet, which has such a nice weight to it, and the ring it hangs on looks like the grenade pin! [please note i had fun collaging this one, so images are not to scale relative to one another.]

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boredshirt2.jpgRemeber the Bored Girl? She’s been the source of all inspiration from day one of NOTCOT, and i’m thinking of reprinting her in whatever sizes/colors people are interested in [granted i have a ton of things going on, but some manual labor - read “handmade with love?” - would be good for me]. So if anyone is interested in a reprint - let me know colors/sizes/etc and i will try to make it happen in the next few weeks - 20$ a shirt!

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On my kid’s theme… kids should rock too, forget covering them in fluffy happy shiny things. Sid Vicious on your shirt saying “Oi!” is pretty impressive, and definitely one of those shirts that your kid will grow up and see pics of herself in, and think, “wow, i knew what was up even then!” I’m loving all these clothes that appeal to the the indie punk generation having kids. Kingsley Aarons inspired by his 1 year old mastermind Zephyr Kinsely Aarons designed a line of kids wear to make him the future rockstar he is. Gone is the time when baby shower shopping had to be a bore, and picking between pastels and teddy bears. Rock on.

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New Skool

kidhoodie.jpgThe perfect hoodie is hard to find, now imagine trying to find that perfect edgy hoodie for your little toddler? Well the New Skool line by Nate Designs has you covered - this adorable hoodie with the headphones is only the beginning… also some great lion graphic “feed me” tees and a classic red wagon filled with spray cans… even a new skool “skool bus” shirt. And yes while i know it is unusual to find a great kids line such as this, you can also get the hoodies in adult sizes, and some fun shirt graphics for us too.

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magnetoid.jpgSo magnets are one of those wonders of the world that can amuse to no end regardless of age - and great for boredom in meetings/classes/etc. Well i know this Dynomighty jewelry has been floating around the design websites for some time, but recently Elsewares lent me the Bandoleer Bracelet, and the packaging was sweet! Since no one had ever shown it to me, and it certainly would have been a big selling point for me, I took a shot of it to share with you. The fascinating part about this line, is that these could pretty much be magnets for your fridge, or one for your fridge while the rest are your bracelet, or it could be 5 rings, or you can mix and match sets. Its really a fascinating idea - they are all separate magnets to do with as you please. So check out the nice floating box of magnets. Gorgeous.

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ableandbaker.jpgSo i discovered this web comic, Able and Baker, today and have read many of them while on hold making phone calls, and other such mindless tasks. They are great. The bipolar gerbil like creature is by far the best. Banter between him and Bunbun from Sluggy Freelance would be priceless. So the crazy world of Jim Burgess gives you insight to the lives and intricacies of being a lab animal (so other characters include the sheep, monkey, prof, + prof’s daughter). AND he has designed this AARGVARK shirt. When aardvarks go rogue, paint a skull and crossbones on their back, and get a peg leg… beware?

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Spray Graphic - “thought provoking style”. And that is quite true. Here are the few i’m tempted to buy when i wake up in the morning - Mind Grenade - Nucleus - Urban Cowboy … also not shown here you should go check out Carnivore and Think Green.

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Retro Mac

appleretro.jpgAh, the Lenin Closet, when i know i can’t say it better, i don’t try. “Mac geeks can party like it’s 1979 with a recreation of a classic design. Available for a limited time, so get ‘em before the lawyers do. Screenprinted in 6 colors (that’s high-end, just so you know) on quality fabric. How fat are you? (S, M, L, XL, …)” and check out the discount for certified geeks “$2 off your order if you prove your Apple geek cred and place your order from a Newton MessagePad. (Send us an email after you make your order and we’ll refund $2 once we verify it. Ve haff vays.)”

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smallthings: flora vs. fauna

smallthings_ginkgo.jpg This sweet necklace by smallthings designs is like the exact opposite of the stuff I’ve been posting lately… round vs. sharp and pointy. I’ve been a fan of smallthings ever since I first saw it a year or so ago. It seems like you can’t go anywhere now without seeing a small gun, knife, or unicorn hanging off a necklace, so it’s kind of refreshing to see that there’s someone out there who’s still making modern, elegant and simple jewelry.

smallthings designs says this is:

The latest line from smallthings. A slight departure from the rest, with circle pendants and translucent glass. Reversible for twice the style.

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Butterfly Rings

Ok, one last Mixko for today. These felt butterfly rings are adorable, colorful, and affordable. At 4 pounds a piece, you could certainly manage to have a few to go with each outfit. And on silly details, it kind of looks like the feeler comes out from the butterfly and wraps delicately around your finger. Love that there are a few species of these cute felty butterflies as well.

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GOAL - tee

goaltimg.jpgWe love Mixko (remember the incredibly thought provoking lamps and candles and the Spray Can Top Stool?) Well, Alex Garnett did a line of Mixko FOOTBALL (euro football/soccer) gear that pushes the boundaries. This shirt is just great, simple on the outside, but when it’s GOAL time, and you need to pull your shirt over your head and run around like a maniac, you are good to go. (Or as Alex mentioned it is “for brave women”)

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PinPops! Freaks, Bush Poison, Wooly saving, and all knowingness. What more can i say. Pins. Here.

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Upper Playground

upperplayground.jpgHoody hunting tonight while i can’t sleep… always on the look out for that elusive perfect hoody, or for the inspiration to come up with my design of the perfect hoody (which definitely changes with the wind). Rediscovered Upper Playground tonight, and noticed this 220 SF Bus Hoody my ex used to have… always did have a thing for that hoody, forgot it was by these fun walrus folks in SF. Also my attraction to vector/abstract/organic images like this bird just made me show you that one as well!

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