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Bored Shirts!

More shirts printed~! Getting the hang of the process more… starting to be fun even. For everyone that placed orders, a batch shipped out today, so they should be in your hands soon. Also got playful, and test printed on a limited edition Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince bag… drop me a line if you’re interested in more shirts (or the bag!)

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diamante jeweled pleats

Too gorgeous not to give its own massive space. “With out a doubt, the Erotokritos masterpiece of the season. With diamante jewel buttons included. ” On LeTrainBleu.

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ilovedyou.pngThose who know me well, know the art of McGinness makes me weak in the knees. Krudmart has this new awesome tee by him, commemorating the fatal pulls of that “i love you” mix tape we’ve all partaken in… finally finishing the ability to listen and relisten only to relive the past in a bad bad way =P … ok, ok, or thats what they mention in the description anyhow… you can come up with the teen melodrama story behind this one yourself.

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More goodies from Stereohype. Thanks to TeeJunkie for pointing out this great site. (Those guys have filled the void i didn’t know i had.)

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B.I.O - By Invitation Only

VIP_yorgo.jpgTeeheehee. Notcot is now B.I.O. I am loving that phrase.

designed by Yorgo Tloupas “The F**K B**H badge is the ultimate airport customs accessory. Its metallic construction makes it sensitive to metal detectors, and its subtle message guarantees you a special treatment by US Customs officials. Revive the free spirit of the sixties today with a bold statement expressed in a flowery style.”

This was one of my favorites of the Stereohype B.I.O Series 1… that whole 60’s stylization makes anything just seem happier… or helps disguise its contents until people actually read what it says.

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Girl’s First Tee

tee.pngMy first all alone at home screen print! Yes, i’m thrilled, its my little experiment of the day… in the very limited run of well… 4! But was experimenting with sun exposure for emulsion, and doodles with multi colors… and taking a paintbrush to the thing… If you recognize the image, it’s because it was the first notcot post image by Shade Elaine (and yes, i kind of had my way with it, to play with color and experiment).

WANT ONE? for 15$? Details after…

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Hurray… Sex .

hurray_sex.jpgFew things in life approach such topics with such cartooniness… well… ok yea so ShadeElaine and i found this bizarre and tacky/silly and were somewhat horrified yet amused by its existence… but seriously, (or maybe we’ve been out of the loop) do you often see Sanrio-ized sex bangles? Complete with pink trains, minty green backing, and can’t forget those glittery sparkly Austrian Crystal bits! Wow… and if sex doesn’t make you say HURRAY! maybe “mmmm Carbs” or “Yay! …. Sugar” is more your style. [kudos to the Spear for this site]

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tensionring.jpgRelish calls this white backed image a FRIENDSHIP RING It makes me wonder if i don’t have the right types of “friends” for a ring like this. But that tension ring (on black) is pretty sweet… i love things that look so clean, mixing that harsh cold steel with the translucency and strength of a jewel in such a strange juxtaposition… *gush*. Take a look at the rest of the B.Tiff collection, a few interesting rings, the rest i’m not as fond of.

p.s. i’m not shopping for rings for a specific reason, no “friends” to buy me diamonds… but maybe my curiosity for them is that right hand ring marketing schpiel working its way into my brain!

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Knock Knock

lionbelt.pngI have a thing for door knockers… and i need a belt. This piece intrigued me… a cute unique fun idea… possibly nicer on a different belt, but love the idea of the buckle.

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Bitter, moi?

bitter.pngBITTER? MOI? Hehe… ok i’m a fan of Doe most of the time. Not a fan of most vintage Disney revival shirts… (esp after that Fred Segal-Disney failed exclusive that seems to be trickling it’s way down the fashion world lately?)… but this pulled out a giggle. Go evil step monster of snow white ~

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Art Deco Tee Art

butterflydropout.pngIt’s a nice blend that i first saw on this amazing Dolce&Gabbana tee material corset (with leopard print bra built in?) with a purple backed art deco print… Well this is a bit more subdued… Butterfly Dropout has created a 2005 line of unique pieces that can be seen here. Crazy cuts, vintage prints, romantically funky? Anyhow, love this one.

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dior.pngAhhh, packaging design. Just noticed the new Dior Show powder, and was quite amused by its packaging. Over the last few years we’ve seen makeup (and everything else) look to the past, and especially in the realm of the make up “puffs” [remember that adorably well packaged eye shadow by Shu Uemura with the little fluffy puff and clear plastic eyeshadow in clear plastic packaging?]. Dior just hid the poof into the lid of the eyeshadow… too cute, almost looks like food [japanese mochi?].

Get glowing with Dior’s “Color In A Flash” loose powder. Glide the puff over cheeks for a translucent wash of color or shimmer, or glide over shoulders and décolleté for a cutting-edge glow.
Not exactly playfully cheap at 39$ a pot… but i’d want to play with it.

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Reckon Worldwide


Methinks that ¡tee-shirt madness! has hit maximum capacity. Thankfully, there are still sources of lo-fi, kinda cranky designs. Waller in the wonderfulness of Reckon Worldwide’s jagged, fuzzed screenprints and the serious amount of variety that can be found with 3 ink colors and 5 shirt colors.

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sonofagun.pngFirst and foremost, go Tee Junkies. This newbie blog has given me a haven of tee amusement and great designs. I must admit Pre-Shrunk really doesn’t do it for me. So very very happy to be enjoying this newbie site.

But on to She-Bible… (found via TeeJunkie)…

According to the bio of the two chicks who founded She-bible, the term comes from mistaken translation of pronouns at the end of Ruth 3:15, apparently in the King James version, “she” instead of “he” is the standard wording, so it’s refered to as the Great She-bible…

I’m loving this Son of a Gun shirt. Not sure why, maybe the part cowboy in me coming out. But it’s adorable.

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ROO Slingbacks

roo.pngI’m craving shoes. Sorry boys, it’s just that time of month? day? year? anyhow i’m in a girly mood as of late. And i’m kind of falling for these shoes. They are in this months Lucky with brown ties in them, can’t explain the draw.

Anyhow for the more graphic/visual oriented folks of either sex… the Georgina Goodman Flagship “award winning” site is full of eye-candy for your summer senses, and a new take on how to sell/display a shoe digitally. Pretty, playful pieces, real art.

As for these ROO’s, check out these and more here.

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