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Switch Rings

43 highlighted these new Switchrings at .org, that she just got, and the idea was far too cute - and when i went to explore further fell for their packaging and branding. They seem to function like the capsule toys (wouldn’t they be perfect in capsules?) - affordable playful colorful rings with swapable bits, and you have no control of the colors you get. They even have some with patterns - everything from skulls and flowers to crystals and bugs.

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Cross Stitch It

Checking out new German/Spanish T site, SELEKKT, i found German Silberfischer that makes these incredible cross stitch pins (tvs! skulls that glow in the dark! hearts in rectangular speech bubbles!) Also loving their kids line of tees and bibs - not sure how baby food and stains wash out of cross stitch, but makes for a cute gift. And the error hat was just worth throwing in as well.

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Harvest your boards

We’ve seen a lot of products come through recycling everything from fire hoses to toothbrushes and spoons… and purses out of old skateboards even. Well here’s a take on recycling skateboards that comes from Japan - and converts them into wearable pieces - everything from rings+bangles to blinged out necklaces and art. Harvest

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Boontje Tatts

I don’t do pink. I don’t do temporary tattoos. But i do love all things Tord Boontje. And can’t go wrong with a gorgeous vector dragon and fairytale-esque rose design. And instead of tip-toe-ing around the gratuitous boob shot, thats a pretty sweet looking tattoo placement with a low cut shirt, and definitely not something i would probably have the guts to do as a real tattoo. So thank Neko for this great temporary tattoo she posted over to .org tonight. (Doesn’t she find the best stuff?) … oh, and i nearly forgot, it is called the Cut Here Tattoo, since you can cut and use whatever parts in whatever order your heart desires.

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Portable Lawn

Everyone needs a little personal space, and sometimes you need that in the form of a grassy rectangle… or astroturf blanket… or an astroturf blanket that folds up and hide around your messenger bag? There’s something about this design by Wiesengluck that makes me laugh a little, then think “Wow thats brilliant, i could have used that at the beach today”. How’s it stay on? “The bag’s special feature: by means of zippers on all four sides of the bag you can connect your own blanket in the meadow the luck lies with the blanket of your neighbor.” via DesignSpotter

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Stella + Adidas

In our world of mashups - while it seems intuitive to say good thing + good thing = better thing, we all know that isn’t how the real world works, and it isn’t even THAT easy. But mashups are in right now, be it digital mashing between *anything and google maps, or the high end fashion designers with things like H&M and Target. One that i have been surprisingly taken by is Stella McCartney and Adidas’ combo - the website has some (while very flashy) gorgeous navigation and a very mysterious/ice queen/fairytale feel to it (something kind of little red riding hood, only in sleek gorgeous fitness wear, in the snow in the woods with wolves and such) about the collection. And this tennis dress caught my eye, because its great how she managed to transform that simple, layered luxurious feel to active wear.

Also - I am loving her logo being the little dots (reminds me of some old receipt fonts) and on the Stella McCartney homepage, they get eaten by MISS PACMAN! (if you don’t believe me, image after the jump)

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Heart Stuff

Free Tshirts over at Bank Of America - I forgot how silly shirts in cubes were - and how fun it was to open them. Also the fact that it says “I <3 Helping People”.

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Another Berlin installment, as i clean out my inbox from RUGenius ~ She came across a T-shirt shop named “fleischerei” which translates to Butcher Shop. And it really is an old butcher shop, using the old meat cases and all! So more pictures below… if anyone knows more, let me know and i’ll update this post, but for now, it seemed worth sharing the pics.

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Varvatos Crazy Laces

varvatoscrazylaces.jpgSo John Varvatos and Converse are responsible for that whole slip on/laces-free chuck taylor phenomena that won’t seem to go away. (Love it - Hate it - its inescapable). So with their use of hidden elastic to mess with people heads, i simply had to post up the new Crazy Laces, where i’m assuming they leave out the elastic on the inside, for the elastic laces you see. Slightly messy, kind of fun. Especially those mini eyelets. Looks like Rubin over at CoolHunting got his hands on a pair - i might have to pop over and check them out at the store later.

p.s. can you believe that Varvatos and Converse also did a full clothing line together? [Fall 06 Lookbook]

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Soft Service Cont’d

Ok, you know how i am when i fixate on a design, especially packaging. On Soft Service, how sweet is the vacuum packing? So here’s a teaser, hands on review coming soon perhaps…

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Soft Service

Emails are great, especially when they brighten up my day with submissions of things i crave. Anyone else getting tired of the t-shirt trend? Or the abundance of designer tees around every corner? I love them to death, but have been noticing i’m wearing more and more black tshirts in different materials and cuts lately. It may also be that i have a temporary aversion to the silk screened ones this week from the t-shirt printing this weekend.

None the less, i digress. Emails! SoftService’s Sale turned up in my inbox, and i’m smitten and curious. This LA guy is doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that - and end results are hand painted sections with embroidered outlines of our everyday. They say “/unique/limited edition/hand painted/hand embroidered/sweat-shop free/made in Los Angeles//” I say, cute! and just different enough right now.

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Hunting Traps

With the assortment of gold and silver dangerous and pop culturally inspired jewelry, Toy Me has a new twist on it… my favorite being the Hunting Trap Bracelet. You never know when you might need one? They also have some cute skateboards, guitar jacks, sneaks, cowboy toys, lego inspired bracelets and earings… and the best part? Playful set of flickr pics featuring toys… bear traps AND itchy and scratchy? Toy Me just made my night. [i love High Snobiety]

…. oh and check out these cufflinks.

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For anyone who grew up loving origami, 3d Geometric shapes, and felt, take a look at these Tetra bags by Tokyo group Power Architects. They are just in at Berlin store, Less Rain.

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Blossom Pendant

Falling in love with these. Something clean, classy, romantic, and fresh about them. Simple sleek dress with a plunging neckline, and this around your neck? Something about plucking flowers that feels so dead, having that little bit of water seems to help feel like its more alive… or i guess you could even plant a little seedling in there… so many options. So beautiful? … but yes it does evoke memories of that VW Beetle vase, and the whole test tubes as vases craze. Also by Izik Levy, and only 36 Canadian Dollars.

[If i were actually thinking about weddings and such, i think these would make great bridesmaids pieces.]

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Auj Collections = World Saving?

Auj Collections - they make you question how preppy you are - inside and out, because this is one casual collection that over does the “wear your prepsterness on your sleeve” feel a bit ~ in a playful way, that is subtle enough for some to think its serious.

Here’s why the Toronto based Auj Collections isn’t like most other lines out there, run by Aaron Aujla, a 19 year old entrepreneur ready to save the world with class. With every product you receive a code where there is a team standing by for you to call, and they will help you with everything from researching where to best donate your extra cash to how to create your feature film on how you will perhaps drive your bio-diesel hummer (i actually SAW one yesterday) across the desert and cure global warming or something… use your imagination! It is an interesting twist on how much a t-shirt or hoodie purchase can change your life and those of others.

Below, i’ve got some behind the scenes pics of the Auj photoshoot (its fun to see the pictures behind the pictures on the site) as well as some pics of the shirt i received, so you can check out all the little details their site leaves you curious about! Oh! And my favorite piece from this collection is the “I would name my boat after you” hoodie - but they are out of stock! Really curious to see how the details of having the nautical ties for the pulls, and hand stitching details!

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