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Shot Up Polos

Apparently its mannequin hunting season. At least over at Attus Apparel, where they have just launched a limited edition series of 4 (one in each size) polos that have been Shot Up (complete with documentation of the shootings in both photo and video form). And silly as it sounds, i fully understand their thinking here… people buy cut up, distressed, destroyed jeans, tees, jackets, etc… why not polos? And with the all the murder porn on TV constantly (CSI, CSI: every other city, Law&Order and all the many spin offs)… maybe this has a chance? Either way its intriguingly hilarious from an artistic and cultural standpoint. More imagery and video from the shoot below.

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Chicken Tika

Chicken Tika pins and finger puppets can’t help but bring a smile to your face (and everyone that sees them). Something so basic in the design, yet so cheeky about those expressions.

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YES - you can text my shirt. There are social networks online - then there is good old fashioned face to face networking. And then there is everything in between… latest comes from Textmarks + Revl Industries - the fashion house that brings you Headline Shirts, Gytha Mander, Revl - there are now Reactees… combining the genius of your tshirt as your billboard and text messaging. Someone can now stand right in front of you and get a message from your shirt via text - and you don’t have to say a thing.

Ok, but in all seriousness ~ imagine the possibilities… at a club, conference, televised sports game… you can leave notes to strangers (you can textmessage and update the automated response at anytime) and future friends. You can give people a way to contact you without knowing your phone number, and you can call/text them back once they request the Reactee shirt’s automated message.

I stopped by the Revl Industries HQ earlier today to pick up my shirt you see above ~ and conceptually it’s fascinating… for a mere 20$ you basically get a magic code people can text and get a message from you (yes you could update this like you do twitter) AND a shirt. You could even print this code on business cards, put it on away messages,… get creative. Additionally these guys know quality and are as anal as we are about making things look gorgeous (and they are also sticklers for comfort and as eco friendly as possible)… more below! and images of their studio.

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Mixko at Designboom Mart

Mixko at the Designboom Mart. As much as i love furniture and all the normal ICFF highlights, this was the part that leaves me giddy, as i sit here in the hotel room with almost no energy left. Skull Ring (40$) in person- even more amazing than the pics… the butterfly rings (10$) too! (As you can see i indulged and bought 6 rings - might need to go back for more!) It was fun to finally meet Nahoko in person, she’s so sweet, and she even showed me a limited edition GOLD Skull Ring (pics below, she was kind enough to model it)… and the Cloud/Rainy Necklace has a name now! English Summer Necklace (30$). Anyhow, sorry my sentence forming abilities are a bit stunted at the moment, just wanted to share some highlights as they happen… more pics below. You can also buy on the Mixko site.

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Funky Oysters

Funky Oysters - Camilla - Iridescent Gray, Bun Pearls, 3 Woven Strands, Short Length. No Good For Me has a discount coupon (code: FUNKYSMR) for 20% off until 06.15.07 - and i’m tempted, they’ve got some really fun pieces.

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I never thought i’d say this, but this must be the perfect present for the teenage mom studying for SATs in your life… or your teenage babysitters… or your mail order bride. I mean, lets be honest here, its clearly not for the baby to learn some vocab early, they’re barely on making sounds at that stage! But none the less, turning your child (or any child) into your human flash cards just might be crazy enough to help you score a few more points. SATees.

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Markk Cleaner

Granted i’m not a huge sneaker girl (although i do love my share of shoes)… i DO love packaging, and while i didn’t know what to think when i first got emailed by Jason Markk… i’m quite impressed with their gorgeous packaging. Premium sneaker cleaner - in a quality mini sneaker box, with playful labeling and what resembles paint splatter and koi. And within the box… 8 oz. Premium Sneaker Solution and Sneaker Cleaning Brush. Gorgeous - see my hands on pics below - nice attention to detail.

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The Kisses of Lola & Bailey

What does a kiss LOOK like? How does what it looks like convey what it FEELS like? I’m not sure, but there is something complex and sensual about these pieces by Lola & Bailey ~ and this “The FIRST Kiss” collection. There are 5 kisses in all… here are the first four… check out Lola & Bailey to see the 5th. I discovered them through .org #4005.

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Zents - came across this line at Gumps today, and was mesmerized by the packaging of these Zents ~ “Perfumery’s oldest tradition- a multi-use, highly fragrant solid perfume balm, hand-poured into a unique solid stone cube.”

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Ritual for Men

Ritual - a new line of grooming products for men. Let it be stated now that i’ve never been into men who are more high maintenance than myself (and as a packaging obsessed girl, its hard not to accumulate and try more than my share of cosmetics, skincare, haircare, etc goods)… but that being said, i do love a guy who knows it all well enough to pick well. And i’m tempted to get some of these somewhat bizarre? unique? products by ritual to test out. Fun website… playful graphic design going on… but most intriguing are two products in particular. 1) Nature Calls - they are apparently “first to market” with this one… and you literally drop a few droplets into the toilet, pre-stink, and there will be no stink. (i feel skeptical but curious) 2) Trifecta - “Trifecta packs your three essential shower products into an all-in-one hair, body and facial wash, which lathers in both hard and soft water.” Someday, will SOMEONE please explain to me how some guys can get away with using one thing for hair body and face? And maybe they should swap to this? And third image up there is the gift set, which i think i’m a sucker for b/c of the wooden box.

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Rogues Gallery

Hard to believe its time for America’s Cup already again ~ and checking out Style.com’s nautically inspired slide show, i discovered Rogues Gallery. Gorgeous men’s line for the sailors and captains in your life… and something about the combo of the line, their models, the photography… makes you swoon a little, no? Loving the graphic design… and check out the simple hoodie below as well as a few others.

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Method and Jack

Mid-April seems to be a big time for launches at Target ~ or next week i mean! At least in the gorgeously designed affordable grooming products (adding to their Boots imports and Sonia Kashuk lines). As mentioned on .org last week, Method is launching their Bloq line - as reported by Happy Mundane - “It will be available in four formats: body wash, lotion, shave cream, and bar soap. The Bloq line is naturally derived, biodegradable, paraben-free, and has not been tested on animals. There will also be four scents that have been designed to match four moods: green mint for the “go getter”, water flower for the “pure minimalist”, beach sage for the “escape artist”, and citron leaf for the “eternal optimist.”

Additionally, men.style.com just announced that Every Man Jack ~ will also be launching at Target- saying ” No item is more than $4.99. And, unlike your dad’s soap on a rope, Every Man Jack products forgo dyes and old-school preservatives for a more natural approach. Body Wash uses only nondrying natural surfactants instead of the potent chemicals found in drugstore brands; Shave Gel lubricates with aloe and natural glycerin and has chamomile and vitamin E to soothe razor burn; and Face Lotion is oil-free and noncomedogenic. The California-based upstart also offers shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and pomade, all available in a pleasantly minty signature scent, plus cedarwood, tea tree, or fragrance-free.”

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Sub Urban Riot

Sub Urban Riot ~ i’ve fallen for this Extinct shirt ~ silhouettes of dinosaurs forming a skull and cross bones ~ and black and white. Also the egg of birds and the baby of mammals… more images below of their adorable dresses and site.

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4mula turns 3 years old

I’ll admit it: I’m a sucker for skincare products. I’m an even bigger sucker for skincare products with simple yet thoughtful packaging. Bonus points if the product is natural. 4mula pretty much takes the cake. Their products are environmentally friendly on many levels, and they’re all about “Farms. Not Pharms.” On 04/04/07 4mula turned three years old, and they are celebrating by offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more in the month of April. International orders get a free gift. A company this environmentally aware and design-conscious deserves many happy birthdays.

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Olfactionary by Le Labo


I found the Le Labo “Olfactionary” on the Barneys site and immediately thought of Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind, the book responsible for making me wonder about and appreciate the perfume-making process. The Olfactionary is a collection of forty 2.5 mL bottles, each filled with natural essences which are the principal scents in perfumes. They also include olfactory keys (blotters) for sampling the scents.

I love the the minimal look of Le Labo’s packaging, especially the lab-like labels which are pretty appropriate because really… it’s just chemicals. Each perfume is made to order, and the label is customized for you.

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