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Bored Shirts!- 07.25.05

More shirts printed~! Getting the hang of the process more… starting to be fun even. For everyone that placed orders, a batch shipped out today, so they should be in your hands soon. Also got playful, and test printed on a limited edition Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince bag… drop me a line if you’re interested in more shirts (or the bag!)

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Love Bored Shirts/Have Extra Small?

----- Coquille Le Blanc 22.02.07 14:24

So whats it take to acquire a “bored” t-shirt?

----- Brandie 07.03.06 18:22

Definitely can do! Any more interests in future shirt printings, drop me an email… looking to do another run of these soon depending on how many people want one =)

----- notcot 27.07.05 17:55

Looks good! How about one in organic cotton?

----- justin 26.07.05 14:23

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