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Benicarlo- 07.28.05

0350_002_big.jpgThe rumors are true! I’ve been hearing things around that Royal Elastics have been up to some branding makeovers, but i never expected these. Those who think i only shop womens, well usually womens are more interested and have more design variation… it takes a lot more for a men’s shoe to peak my interest.

This Benicarlo takes their line of trainers to a whole new level. It feels more like experimental Prada. Yes the type that can replace flip flops, boat shoes, trainers, etc. with ease. The type that functions as your perfect dress up, dress down shoe… works for airports, or a classy pool party. Need to see it from the top, but liking what i see… now where are the girls’ equivalents?

also check out the one Josh Spear showed me after the jump.

These Grata’s are pretty sweet as well, although rather reminiscent of Chinese slippers, meets water shoes, still serve their purpose… and definite flexibility in what you wear them with.

Ok, i must admit, i’d be curious to know more about a guy i saw walking down the street in either of these…. that is before they are popular anyhow.

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ok ok, granted i did say “experimental prada” look… not mainstream. and to even try to pull it off would take a certain look and attitude… it could definitely go wrong easily… esp on certain people’s looks… i definitely wouldn’t reccomend it on you, jermacide.

----- notcot 31.07.05 03:51

wow those are pretty ugly

----- Jermacide 30.07.05 03:29

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