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Macallan 18 & Shwood Sunglasses- 06.14.11

macallanwood0.jpg The latest package that arrived just made me wish i was a dad. How weird is that? This Macallan 18 year & Shwood Sunglass gift set in a gorgeous wood box just arrived as potential Father’s Day gifting ideas… but i love them both! No offense, to Dads, but these should really go on the gift list for Moms, Grads, friends,… any occasion really! The glasses above are Shwood’s Canby in East Indian Rosewood with grey polarized lenses. The only thing that would take this gift set further… if only Shwood and Macallan would truly join forces and make a series of sunglasses from actual Macallan casks. Different woods to go with the various scotches… i’d rock the Sherry Oak Cask sunglasses any day! Take a peek at the awesome packaging and details on the next page!

Often the best things come tied in twine… macallanwood1.jpg

Shwood is from Beaverton, Oregon! macallanwood2.jpg

Love the wood grain box sleeve with “Experiment with Nature” cut out… macallanwood3.jpg



Beautiful, cozy case with leather strap… macallanwood6.jpg


How can you not have fun sipping Macallan, while rocking these glasses out in the yard? by the pool? on the yacht? macallanwood8.jpg


I couldn’t resist… macallanwood10.jpg



The spring hinges are a fascinating little detail… macallanwood13.jpg

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6 Notes

Micheal these are really good, world class, and classy with it, and a great cobo with the scotch

----- colin mantripp 21.06.11 09:32

That is SO AWESOME! How would I be able to purchase this? I’m looking for a gift for my Best-Man and this would be PERFECT!

----- Ryan 18.06.11 22:10

Turns out the gift set itself is the creation of the awesome MBooth team and not for sale, but you can make your own variations of it! :)

----- Jean/NOTCOT 15.06.11 07:11

where can you buy the gift set? I can’t find it in your links and tried googling it but I can’t find it.

----- Christine 14.06.11 19:09

i’d be happy to have one as well.

----- jay 14.06.11 18:44

These are awesome, but I can’t see where to buy the collaboration… is it a super secret, or is it available to the public?

----- Zach 14.06.11 18:26

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