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EyeO Festival 2011- 06.27.11

eyeo0.jpg Through some random and spontaneous series of events, i have currently found myself hiding out in Minneapolis for the EyeO Festival - “eyeo brings together the most creative coders, designers and artists working today, and shaping tomorrow - expect an amazing three days of talks, labs, demos & events fueled by the people and tools that are transforming digital culture. converge to inspire.” Inspiring, right? Well even just as surprising and mesmerizing is the beautiful SPACE they are holding it in ~ the Univ of Minnesota’s McNamara Alumni Center… architecturally fascinating, as much as i try to focus and pay attention, can’t help but stare up every which way… the materials, facets, colors… anyhow, take a peek into the space on the next page as i try to pay better attention in this awesome “Session: Design I/O - Playful Spaces and Generative Design” talk by Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson. More to come…

UPDATE: the badges, maps, posters are by Erik Brandt aka Typografika!


See? It isn’t your average sign… milled out and painted perhaps? eyeo2.jpg

Fun badge/schedule design! eyeo3.jpg

Gorgeously colorful little map… eyeo4.jpg



… peek at the view from the stage… eyeo7.jpg


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Great images. Venue selections all the way around were awesome. I love how so many folks from out of town were shown some interesting Minneapolis places with character and history. Integrating rentable bicycle-friendly locations was a really nice touch too. Space and experience are such common important themes to many Eyeo participants, the fact that the conference was well situated for leveraging strong urban attributes was great. Sure beats conferences in airport wastelandia, right?

----- Carlos Abler 02.07.11 14:06

So glad you enjoyed the badges/map, really grateful to Dave for letting me make those.

----- Erik Brandt 27.06.11 17:14

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