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Sir Kensington Gourmet Scooping Ketchup- 07.19.11

kenketch0.jpg There’s something so incredibly enticing about a mysterious wooden box arriving. Especially when there is a screw driver taped to it and the instructions read: 1. Locate screws and initiate unscrewing. 2. Relieve box of lid begin discovery. 3. Attempt to contain oneself. I think i made it through steps one and two and totally failed at three.

Inside the mysterious box are some of the awesomest Sir Kensington of NY’s “Gourmet Scooping Ketchups” from i’ve yet to encounter ~ tantalizing deliciousness wrapped in wonderfully detailed and playful branding/packaging. From the full sized bottles of their Spiced (YUM!) ketchup to the adorable new minis (Heinz babies are cute, but i can totally see these on hotel room service trays!) ~ as well as a white top hat serving dish, ornate little spoon to scoop with, and a mustache embroidered handkerchief/napkin to dab ever so delicately with… nestled in straw. So how step three seemed possible, is beyond me. Additionally there’s an amazing little book included as well ~ but that’s worth a post of it’s own, so more to come on that… for now, go take a peek at the incredible packaging of this wooden box of goodies that just arrived from the magical world of Sir Kensington’s on the next page!



While the power drill was tempting and within reach ~ i was good and used the supplied screw driver ~ also there is something to be said about the built up excitement through the anticipation as you unscrew each of the 6 screws… kenketch3.jpg


Loved the note ~ these spice merchants have their copy writing skills down. kenketch5.jpg

… more details of this lovely little book to come soon… kenketch6.jpg

And on to the goodness! How fun is this set? Everything you need to delicately devour the ketchup ~ except some food! kenketch7.jpg




Close up of the embroidered little ‘stache. kenketch11.jpg

… the spoon! kenketch12.jpg

I think i need to acquire a set of ketchup top hats now ~ for sushi i have the soy sauce dishes… perhaps the top hat tradition of ketchup should begin? kenketch13.jpg


Since i just flew in from NY last night and am off in an hour… there’s no food in the house… and i totally HAD to taste the ketchup! So i took a bite of it ~ of course from adorable tiny spoon and top hat! Spiced Ketchup? DELICIOUS. Will i become that girl that carries her own ketchup in her purse for burgers? Hmmm…. The minis are so purse sized. kenketch145.jpg

Even their website is adorable! And you can not only order various packs of bottles big and small… but even mustache polos! kenketch146.jpg

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3 Notes

Beautiful packaging & branding! How can it possibly go wrong with a ‘stache emblazoned porcelain top hat? Loved the copywriting on the letter too, right up until the last sentence at least.
“We’d (be) thrilled to hear your thoughts,”

Maybe they’ll take proofreaders on with some ketchup as payment?

----- The Slapster 26.07.11 20:46

Hey, I was just wondering did you just order the ketchup and get the awesome box and spoon and stuff or was it a special package? because i would love to try the ketchup but I would love all the stuff with it too.

----- Angel 25.07.11 14:28

Lovely package, fantastic product, designed and produced by marque creative. Order some now to see how amazing it really is.

----- Mark 20.07.11 10:58

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