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Le Creuset Two-in-One Pan- 06.15.11

creu0.jpg Le Creuset Two-in-One Pan ~ lusting after these in almost every color… while they have always been gorgeous, the multipurpose nature of the Two-In-One set has won me over. See more pics on the next page!



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I use mine to bake bread in the oven. You put the loaf in the pan part, score it then place the pot on top. The bread then rises brilliantly because all the steam is trapped.

----- Sam 22.06.11 22:57

i’ve had a set for about 10 years now (my lid also has a non-stick cooking surface). They are great!

----- jason 15.06.11 22:29

ooh…I like and want…

----- Jacque 15.06.11 19:03

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