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NOTVIDEO- 07.25.07

NOTVIDEO! From those crazy marzipan knit cupcakes to FLAMING IPHONES to pixelated jewelry to smooshing cupcakes (and other things) on a scanner…. and they even stuck polaroids on the backdrop!

Ok, here’s the story. Sean Duran, of Out of Focus Studio, dropped me a note saying basically - we make videos, are you interested in making NOTCOT Vidoes? Being excited and not knowing at all what i wanted really - i told them, go for it, make ma pilot and lets go from there… SO, with next to no direction, a script written in their free time, and an episode filmed in under 3 hours… check it out? Let us know what you think, and what you would and wouldn’t want in a NotVideo! (p.s. its a little slow at first, but once the cupcakes are baked and the iphone is flaming…)


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i agree with david…as much as i love a good bake-off, it could be sped up a bit.

i’m more puzzled by the choice of hostess. while she may blind with some with library science, she’s not at all what i imagined the face of notcot to be!?!

but do love the idea of the odd video roundup.

----- rugenius 27.07.07 02:39

I think the pace is a bit slow.

Check out Keegan Jones’ video page. He’s got some silly videos that are quite entertaining.


----- Sergei Muller 26.07.07 07:23

it’s not horrible, but i think the editing and pace DOES need some work. as a fellow amateur the biggest mistake we all make is not EDITING ENOUGH. shorten it up. make it quicker. that baking sequence was way too long. go one round of cutting. then cut some more. then cut again. and again. you may think you need every piece of footage you shot. but the viewer usually disagrees. like any paper, being concise is much more important than getting every single point across.

----- David Ngo 25.07.07 23:54

Great pilot. I encourage you to launch this as a daily or weekly Internet TV channel.

----- Andre from TVTonic 25.07.07 13:17

Not sure what the point of this really is. One thought, though — what makes WallStrip so popular? It’s not the content…

----- Guru 25.07.07 12:23

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