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NOTCOT Pinning- 09.26.07

bigpin.jpgI think this Moosejaw flag is just about full… So here’s a pile of pins that i wanted to share with you that have ended up in my room since NOTCOT started, and not knowing what to do with them, they kept ending up on this flag… sharing some of the randomness in my everyday that inspires me… here is everything from yahoo devil pins, flickr pins, obama pins, design public, icff, copenhagen design days, lil’ gamers, my absolute favorite pagne “i need more money or cheaper taste” button, NOTCOT buttons!, good magazine, nasa planes, lower haighter smoking pigeon, doe-sf, diesel style lab metroscope, moleskinerie, sid-lee, digital freedom, ihatetimesheets.com, heifer international, curry house, gigantic brand, cardboard robot, oddica, people like us, happy lucky me, hot wheels, diesel sweeties… and i’m sure there are even more if you look closely at the bigger image below. And of course you can still buy NOTCOT Buttons! (but i might need to reorder soon! and, well, if i do sell out, we’d have to design some new ones to add for tastespotting and notcouture of course! no pressure to help buy them up or anything.)


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5 Notes

I love this! I have the same thing going on but they’re all pinned on a scarf.

----- Sedona 27.09.07 15:36

I would love to contribute to this pile, too!

----- dv 26.09.07 20:32

I wanna increase this pile too! I have some cute pins for you!

----- TokyoBunnie 26.09.07 12:12

You should email me an address so we can see about increasing this pile.

----- rstevens 26.09.07 07:53

i love pin buttons!

----- painted1981 26.09.07 06:37

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