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Wow its Tuesday- 09.04.07

NOTCOT.org #6020NOTCOT.org #6019NOTCOT.org #6018NOTCOT.org #6017NOTCOT.org #6016Yup ~ i lacked the energy to do a proper post today ~ so instead i added some links i loved over on org in my laziness to write/code up something longer… so click those pics! And think of it as a 5-in-1 of wonderfully cool inspiring projects worth looking at!

In all honesty this failed vacation hasn’t gotten better ~ i haven’t exactly stopped or relaxed exactly, nonstop meetings/calls/emails/decision making… so i’m off to Paris with Chanel on weds ~ back in LA saturday night ~ then driving up to SF monday for the FM Conversational Marketing Summit ~ then trying again at this vacation thing perhaps?

SO silly 3:21am question of the night/morning ~ Paris ~ if i have a few hours to spare, any must see recommendations of unique stores or art exhibitions going on? (Colette is on my must visit list already) Thanks!


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Hi! I haven’t browsed around notcot before. I love it! Cool blog!

----- Jess 04.09.07 16:53

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