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Footers & Navs- 08.22.07

newfooters.jpgApologies for two self referential posts back to back. This whole “vacation” thing has kind of equaled more of a “coding+design” thing the last two days… and as i’m sure you’ve noticed by now i got the new Navigations (top top and below the main content) as well as the new Footers (easier access to see what’s going on on the other sites! Although we haven’t gotten to coding it to pull the latest from each yet… so i’ve hand coded in the top Nice/Starred ones for the moment). I feel silly saying this ~ but it feels like the old days of NOTCOT, when it started as a css/html experiment ~ so being the transparent designers/coders that we are, this is a work in progress (still) , so if you find bugs please tell us, we’re working on it!

Also, weird RSS issues seem to be popping up across the web… we’re trying to learn about Atom feeds, and this whole UTF situation… if anyone has some insight, feel free to leave a note.

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Just wanted to say, you got a great site going on here. I first discovered this site by researching for my new dyson and now its become my everyday resource for checking whats new and chique.


----- Justin 22.08.07 11:57

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