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NOTCOT.Org Roundup- 08.16.07

NOTCOT.org #5619NOTCOT.org #5620NOTCOT.org #5625NOTCOT.org #5627NOTCOT.org #5633NOTCOT.org #5686NOTCOT.org #5685NOTCOT.org #5681NOTCOT.org #5673NOTCOT.org #5652You know the drill, click the pics and see more! NOTCOT.org has been really inspiring to me lately, and really the only thing that chills me out when the businessy stuff and personal life takes over the fun designy side of life… you guys find some seriously incredible stuff. So here’s a quick dose of stuff that i loved this week… (and yes i know some of the ones i picked are things i posted, but well, i really wanted to post them here but was too busy earlier!)… and that last corner post, i don’t know why it surprises me anymore, but people LOVED clicking on it… i guess turning your underwear into the ui for your video games really interests people. And can you believe that icy BMW art car? Or the videos of that top row middle black and white piece? I guess i just kind of wanted to say thanks to everyone for reading, posting, sharing such incredibly cool stuff on all of the sites ~ i don’t think i ever imagined how much FUN this could be, or that it had the potential to take over my life full time (in a good way)!


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