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ORG Roundup!- 08.25.07

NOTCOT.org #5821NOTCOT.org #5820NOTCOT.org #5808NOTCOT.org #5799NOTCOT.org #5789NOTCOT.org #5763NOTCOT.org #5764NOTCOT.org #5761NOTCOT.org #5749NOTCOT.org #5744NOTCOT.org #5726NOTCOT.org #5716NOTCOT.org #5841NOTCOT.org #5793NOTCOT.org #5783Click pics to see more! Ahhhh there’s something so satisfying to me about seeing all these great posts from NOTCOT.org together in mini form. RUGenius picked these out as her favorite 15 of the moment ~ quite the random assortment of paper folding (for transformers or in silver) - laundry shaped like Europe - naturally inspired illustrations - kids in viking beanies - an inflatable twist to a classic chair - bioshock tee - you know, the usual at .org. And the site is only ever as interesting as what YOU help contribute… so don’t hesitate to share the great things you find in your everyday!


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