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FM Conversational Marketing Summit- 09.12.07

Ok fine, i’m jetlagged in denial. But its 4am and i am wide awake suddenly. I apologize for the post lull because… well weds i flew to paris, saturday night i was back in la, monday i drove up to sf, and then tues 8am i was at the FM Conversational Marketing Summit until 7:30, at which point i ran home, and then as much as i told people and wanted to, i kind of crashed ~ couldn’t formulate sentences let alone make it to the after after party. BUT i saw Ask a Ninja LIVE! (totally worth being deliriously tired at 4pm but waiting it out till 6).

Just a quickie rant ~ it was a sea of iphones. Highlights? Well, Ask a Ninja… getting to meet a dozen or so of the really nice FM folks in person… being on a panel with Core77’s Stuart Constantine and Merlin Mann!!! Seeing our logo on the materials… Hearing about how the marketing/media guys perceive and approach the digital/social/video spaces. Really feeling that vast divide between networks that spawn out new sites because they feel like the traffic is there and how they hire people to do the heavy content work… versus networks like us which people don’t seem to believe i still naively launch sites simply b/c we’re kind of obsessive about those topics. Hearing about how boing boing (disem-vowel-ing) and ars manage their communities ~ all about the boing boing redesign. Xeni saying the conference should become a drinking game with a shot for everytime ‘conversation’ is said. Getting caught up on the video space… Having Brianna from Illustration Friday hand me an awesome moo card and polaroid print (sorry i was totally starting to crash around that time!)…

SO, i’m not sure if i’m going to make it over for today’s session, i’m so terribly behind in posting, and i must admit if there’s one thing i heard the most yesterday it was “WHAT? You are doing all of the content AND trying to do this business stuff?” So, yes, so far, that’s pretty much the deal… but i’ve JUST taken on some help in addition to FM! So anyone wanting to work with us as far as advertising/marketing ideas, drop Jared, the new NOTCOT Advertising Manager a line (jared-at-notcot.com) - he’s helping ease my load by dealing with all things ad related (for anyone who has contacted me about this in the past ~ well, response times will be infinitely faster now!) And i think i’m finally learning the advertising/marketing side of things does feel a little dirtier? And if it ever came between content or money, well i’m a content girl. (but you knew that). Ok 5:30am rant concluded, lots of pictures below!




Ninja time! It felt like a Universal Studios stage show ~ guy goes up, says his partner disappeared on the flight, must go on with out him, etc etc then out pops ninja in the back with a booming mic, ranting about the crowd… i have some little video clips too, perhaps i’ll add those on with what the ninja’s take on advertising vs marketing is later.



The infamous Xeni Jardin. I must admit, i really do respect her passion for the content ~ and it was amusing to hear that back in the day, they were actually PAYING about 1000 each to keep the servers going for Boing Boing.

They did a walk through of start to finish ~ the HP Voice Post campaign… and it was interesting to hear from HP and FM side of what that process was like… and for those playing close attention, that IS neil chase wearing Core77’s signature blue foam shoes!!! Sweet to see them in person!



Here’s brianna’s awesome polaroid! and Moo card!


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Sounds like a great experience! Wish you the best of luck with FM. :)

----- Terry Ng 12.09.07 10:47

God, sometimes I feel like I was left behind at the platform. New Media is just so mind-blowing, and extremely overwhelming.

----- Andrew 12.09.07 07:08

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