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Swims- 11.23.07

swims.jpgSwims. First impression? Are these the tuxedos of crocs? Can i really go puddle jumping with these and protect my nice shoes (that aren’t heels.)? Love the photography! and web design! (particularly the way you access the gallery with the little stack of images on the far right. And then from there, i actually started reading… The Swims story is an interesting one of Johan, who grew up in norway and never let go of the galoshes that his grandfather had passed down to him… and as he moved to paris and new york and even put in his time at Parson’s he realized that there was a need to develop Swims, the “modern galoshes”. Being a socal girl, i have never gotten quite caught up on the vocabulary of people with “real weather”… apparently Galoshes are “overshoes that slip over the wearer’s indoor footwear but is made of waterproof material to protect the more delicate materials of the shoe as well as the wearer’s foot from cold and damp”.

Fun detail other than great packaging… the “ballerina” version for ladies leaves trees where you step… and see some of my favorite images from their catalog below as well as close ups. And i know these are one of the trend blog post subjects that are everywhere this week, but they were so cool and no one covered the great photography aspect, so i couldn’t resist.









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7 Notes

Lovely photos and beautiful shoes! Are these available in the UK?

----- Gemma - Southampton Swim School 04.06.10 09:16

What a fantastic product, a product every women needs.

----- Oceane 12.11.08 18:27

these are great. I will definitely buy a pair. Your photographs show amazing contextual value!

----- Neil Carpenter 03.12.07 08:29

Hey, they look great. Where can I get a pair of those? Can I get them from Hong Kong?

----- Steven Yip 29.11.07 19:35

I love my SWIMS. They saved my precious Prada shoes many times already. Got them at Bloomies on 59th St.
Got a love’em!

----- Alexander Eskeland 29.11.07 01:33

packaging and visual language are great, esp. the photography - giving the product the right value.

----- Horst 26.11.07 02:13

This is a great idea! The packaging is really clean and nice-looking too.

----- Rekya's Bookshelf 23.11.07 18:00

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