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RVL7 - prefab t-shirt bar- 08.25.08

revl71.jpgRVL7 - “REVEL SEVEN”. Revel means “to celebrate” - the 7 comes from “24/7”. RVL7 has been created to celebrate living a sustainable lifestyle 24/7.”

Discovered RVL7 in the Eco-Lands of Outsde Lands - amongst the standard white tents, it was refreshing to see this pre-fab woody oasis of a t-shirt bar filled with stickers, buttons, and gorgeous graphic organic tees… see the pictures on the next page to see some of my favorite designs, and the experience within!

Unfortunately the RVL7 site doesn’t have a store, gallery, etc etc etc up yet, but hopefully coming soon!







Macbook Air!



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HEY! How do I get my hands on that mens white dove Tshirt? Im from Canada but when I was in Switzerland I was in this cool T-shirt shop and picked it up. I left it in a hotel room about a year later and still miss the shirt, it was my favorite! Can someone tell me how I can get my hands on more Re:volve swag?




----- Joel 16.12.11 12:56

I caught these guys at “All Points West” in Jersey City this summer. I bought a the T-shirt that means “make love” and I love it. Not only are the designs fantastic but the shirts are incredibly comfortable. I actually emailed the company asking when I could buy these shirts online because I want another! Bottom Line: The Company stands for a great cause and the shirts are original and comfy…. what more do I need!

----- Kirsten 18.11.08 20:33

You guys will be interested in our LA / NYC based Gnarly Nuts - bamboo/organic clothing hand-crafted by young up and coming artists in NYC and LA.

Think you will like!



----- Mark Valentino 28.08.08 12:04

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