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All New Air Jordan- 10.27.05

Elizabethtown shook my world the other night, was in quite a mood, and with a friend got bored and went to see that flick, unknowing that it begins with such a tragic $1 billion failure by a product designer working for 8 years on one shoe for an Oregon “shoe company” (can we say Nike)… but that aside…

I was excited to recieve an email from Michael diTullo who is a footwear designer for the Brand Jordan division of Nike… Take a look at this new Air Jordan DJ Bag (incase he and you did not know, i have somewhat of an inexplicable obsession for bags)… which he and fellow designer Alan Strak designed for the “Rare Air” line. The bag holds an impressive 45 records as well as a laptop, and has pockets specially designed for needle boxes, headphones, and ipods. Brilliant. Their attention to details is also a major turn on, including the elephant print and micro perf leathers, custom brushed metal hardware, and vintage Jordan logos. Look for this bag in April for $180.

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Room for records and the digital stuff.. sweet

----- j 30.10.05 05:58

dont know what sorts of keywords this post pulls up in the states, but over here, i’m getting all sorts of flights to jordan. some pretty sweet deals too.

----- jus 28.10.05 14:44

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