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Oakley Minute Machine Review- 12.13.07

mm3.jpgOakley’s Minute Machine Watches have left us intrigued as to the thickness and how fun they really are in person ~ while having grown up in a house of Rolexes and Tag Heuers , i went through phases from swatches to giant crazy dive watches and for the last few years i have settled on a pretty simple steel tag for all occasions (waterproof and scratchproof faces are a necessity!). There has always been something so appealing about finding unique quality time pieces that have that rugged yet designy/unexpected edge to them… and the titanium bracelet on this Oakley is pretty sweet!

They sent over the Oakley Minute Machine Titanium Edition and i’m quite in love with all their boxes (ahhhh, gorgeous matte black packaging)… so images below of all the packaging as well as close ups of the watch to get a feel for the thickness and how it wears. On the detail i can’t get over… the carbon fiber self lubricating rings on the titanium bracelet are something you must play with if you get near one of these in person… i love the feeling of rolling your fingers over them… and the shapes of the pieces in the bracelet i find mesmerizing. (What can i say, i get inspired by the strangest littlest curves and details?)

The two boxes…

The two boxes unboxed…

The engravings on the back of the face…

There are those self lubricating carbon fiber rings i was gushing to you about… and the interlocking pieces that look like Ms or Ws…

The locking mechanism ~ you push the buttons on both sides to release the clasp

Ok, so its a bit monstrous for me ~ so i might let the boys of NOTCOT wear it for me, and i’ll just play with it… rolling my fingers over the strap is kind of calming!

Here it is in its wooden box for storage!

To read more about this watch check out the main page for the Oakley Minute Machine Titanium Edition.

The details are as follows:
If you let style walk a beaten path, your tracks will never get noticed. The inspiration for OAKLEY MINUTE MACHINE™ was something that leaves its mark. We wanted an authentic design, assertive enough to throw some weight around – even if gravity barely takes notice because the case is made of titanium. We used the same ultra-lightweight metal to create the micro adjustment links, and we optimized comfort by adding self-lubricating thrust washers. The timekeeping precision had to equal the outspoken styling, so this is a true Swiss Made Chronograph with 13-jewel movement and the ability to measure cumulative time, intermediate time and split time. OAKLEY MINUTE MACHINE™ has as much cultivated refinement as aggressive styling, and that’s the kind of rare fusion that makes its own mark.

* Swiss Made, gold plated 13-jewel quartz movement
* Comfort of ultra-lightweight titanium case
* Titanium bracelet with carbon reinforced self-lubricating thrust washers
* Chronograph that measures 1/10 second up to 30 minutes
* Cumulative Time, Intermediate Time and Split Time functions
* Large date display and luminous material on hour and minute hands
* 48-month battery with power saving mechanism
* Durability of pure sapphire crystal, augmented with anti-reflective coating
* 10-bar water resistance (equivalent to depth of 100 meters / 330 feet)

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Do you have to give that back? Cause I’d love a chance to win it! It’s so sweet looking, and practically indestructible!

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