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Wickle- 01.03.08

wickle.jpgBrowsing Oh Joy, i noticed Wickle and their simple, pretty line of perfumes… while i have no idea what their scents are like, the packaging is sweet, in that old fashioned girly feeling way. Fig & Mace sure sounds like a strange one though… their usual come in scents like Muskmallow, Periwinkle, and Scented Tea Leaf with various limited edition packaging - The limited edition line with Katie Brinsley features a delicate chain with porcelain objects hanging from them and Takako Copeland editions come with pure silver silhouette pendants.

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Hello, I’m editor in chief of design FUTU magazine from Poland. I’m in a process of preparing an article about luxiurious brands and packaging. Could you please support me with a photos 300 dpi?

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