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Toy Me Scissor Cuff- 01.02.08

toymescissor.jpgWow. Yay for emails with new products that blow my mind as i wake up. Just im-ed these images over to Shade Elaine (aka Linhchi our NotCouture/scissor loving editor) and the response is a definite “OMG I WANT IT”. Gogo of Toy-Me just gave me a sneak peek at one of the latest pieces from their upcoming collection, and knowing our thing for scissors (remember our sticker collection?)… is taunting us with this incredible silver scissor cuff bracelet, that can be worn two ways! Incredible that it actually opens, now the real question is: can it actually cut? I think we need two each, one for each wrist! More close ups below! And the full collections will be presented at Pitti Uomo next week.

Here’s the teaser: “Paris designer Thomas Jaillot together with Marco De Michelis will introduce a Silver Scissor that wraps around your wrist and mixes with paper art transformations into silver, Origami earings and a Paper Windmill charm and earing.”



p.s. is it just me, or do those scissors look a lot like a person doing a bridge/back bend?

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25 Notes

where can i buy one ..i love it ..im a hairdressern and this would just be perfect to have

----- Bianca 18.03.09 21:32

This is such a cute, creative cuff. I am a hairdresser and I would love to purchase one. Please let me know how I can do so.
Thanks so much

----- Jean Namanny 26.02.09 13:26

seriously, I prefer the point rather than power leveling

----- John 05.11.08 21:39

seriously, I prefer the point rather than power leveling

----- John 04.11.08 13:43

I found this cuff at aplusrstore.com.

----- kate Gaar 17.10.08 22:35

Im also a hair dresser and i would love to buy one! Can you make them in a smaller sheer style scissor that we use to cut hair?

----- Angela 17.10.08 13:54

can i get a catalog or something i want one of those

----- kris 06.10.08 07:20

are these being sold right now? i would love to buy one!

----- Meg 29.09.08 13:53

seriously, I prefer the point rather than maple story power leveling

----- stupid 15.09.08 07:45

can you please email me with information on how to buy this? thanks

----- kassie 03.09.08 11:48

Hey, saw this awesome cuff in the latest Zink mag, I want to buy this for my best friend for her birthday, where can I buy it, how much is it?

----- rebekah swatton 28.08.08 18:37

just saw an advertisement in Z!ink magazine……..dying to buy these especially since i am an aspiring fashion designer……..you can view more from the designer(s) on the website however it is in all italian and i couldnt figure out if you could purchase it and get it shipped to the US from IT.

if anyone can find out cost and where to buy—i’ll be greatful for you forever!

Cheers Y’all!

----- mical 20.08.08 20:22

I would love to buy these as a gift. Where can I get a pair?

----- Antonio 15.08.08 15:38

where can i get this?!

----- Lacey 08.08.08 14:12

I SO LOVE THIS! Where can i buy one??

----- Linhchi 06.07.08 12:39

Nice..we would like to buy a bracelet, is that possible and how..? Please let us know, thank you so much

----- Shelly 06.07.08 11:20

When will I be able to purchase this bracelet? Where would I be able to get it and how much will it cost?

----- D. Wheeler 28.05.08 09:52

Buy? For chrissakes, people, they’re a bent pair of scissors. Make your own.
Or give a nice shiny pair to your neighborhood smith, and say, “Betcha can’t make a bracelet outta these.”

----- Bender 07.04.08 20:09

Any News on where we can get these beauties?

----- Tori Hendrix 27.03.08 19:50

I love these where can i buy them?

----- abby 25.02.08 09:55

Im a hair stylist and i need these!!! they would be so amazing to have! any info on buying them would be much appreciated!!!

----- kim 29.01.08 19:41

hey ! where can i get these in the uk? i want!

----- Raneen 22.01.08 17:20

Congratulations with this very nice gadget!
Can I buy these? I like to give one to my wife.
Please let me know!

----- Propje 16.01.08 04:41

oh my god, i love these. can you actually buy them????

----- bex blackett 03.01.08 07:41

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