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Karen Walker Jewelry- 01.18.07

Karen Walker Jewelry ~ heads up the flashy popuppy site pained me, but the photography for the jewelry is breathtaking… in that slightly creepy stylish taxidermist sort of way. Noticed this over at Sub Studio.

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I love her rings!!! what a fun alternative to the ol standard. But its hard to find them in the us- I went to her the listing in nyc, and no dice… sigh, will keep trying.

----- abigail 14.05.07 18:29

Oh my morbidly amazing. I loved it.

----- naughty secretary club 23.01.07 18:38

Wowza. Amazing looking.

----- Maryam in Marrakesh 23.01.07 03:51

Yikes! i couldnt deal with the flash! And i really wanted to look at the jewelry, but it was so hard to really see it.

----- jill 22.01.07 23:25

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