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Global Warming - Diesel Style- 02.20.07

Diesel takes on global warming as only they can… making their latest campaign poignant yet subtle, stylish yet absurd. Focusing on people and places… and claiming in their video that “GLOBAL WARMING CANT STOP OUR LIVES” ~ and thus begins the series of images below, about how although the polar ice caps are melting, etc you can still look good and embrace the heat… Above we have the overgrown tropical gardens in Paris… below there are the macaws who have replaced the Venetian pigeons, warm oceans in Antarctica, the tiny island of London, a post-great-flood Rio and NY, the giant desert that surrounds the great wall, the tropical paradise of Mt. Rushmore… gorgeous imagery from the great Terry Richardson. Global Warming… as approached in a way only Diesel can. Complete with links to stopglobalwarming.org and an inconvenient truth.









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My my. What a lot of people with chips on their shoulder. Being waited on by brown people? Where do you get the racist overtones from this campaign Anon? Anyone who dares joke about global warming is a racist. Is that it? Or is anyone who disagrees with you about anything a racist? Grow up drongo.

As for you Danny? End of humankind is it? My word. End of the world fantasies have been with us since the dawn of time. Nevertheless humankind is remarkably adept at adaption. It’s no coincidence we’re the species building space stations. But if you really believe we’re all doomed go find a railway track and lie on it.

Perhaps global warming is merely Al Gore’s “I’m still relevant despite losing the election” ManBearPig bogeyman. Be taken in by this scam if you must but save us your preaching you pathetic fools.

----- Eddy 10.01.10 12:53

I think inteligent people can appreciate this ad campaigne and they are able to understand the whole concept and the message diesel was trying to convey with it.

----- g 02.03.09 10:13

Diesel ads have been controversial since the beginning of the company’s existence. This is certainly not the first time that an ad campaign of theirs has caused the public to disagree with the message, or what seems upon first glance to be the message of their ads.
Diesel’s unique way of advertising has, in my opinion, much contributed to the brand’s success and has also kept customers loyal and coming back for more because some do identify with it and like that fact that not EVERYONE does.

Diesel has always targeted a specific niche in society and has done so in an ironic and sometimes “tacky” way and I believe that these ads are keeping true to Diesels original identity (which for a company that has been around for as long as this one has is not easy to do). I assure you guys these ads are meant to be contraversial because controversy gets people talking and increases brand awareness… even if you disagree with it you will talk about it and get the name Diesel out there one way or another

I love most of them and the campaign as a whole is awesome! Besides, if you care to educate yourself enough about global warming and do some research yourself on the topic, you’d be an idiot to let an advertising campaign that is on first glance “promoting” or “not caring” about the topic make you think global warming is a good thing.. That is not the point of the ads, nor do I believe that that is part of this companies values..

----- Unna-SR 27.01.09 19:14

Everyone’s missing the big picture

This campaign is a quintessential example of style being the most important facet in our culture. Ads like this breed superficial substance-less spawn who care about vanity over more important issues. This is shear pacification of the masses… lulling us to sleep with consumerism while disaster slowly creeps over us like the boogy man under the bed. Buy jeans ignore the monster look sexy as it devours u


----- Vision 10.12.08 04:12

I had to post this:
Diesel campaign is meant to make people “THINK!”.
Forget capitalism or Communism.. that is so 1998!
We finally more connected than ever, if you really want to understand and evolve into something better than “capitalism, socialism, communism, etc.. etc..” protect the internet at all cost!


ps: Kick ass campaign!! :D

----- callmeyang 23.11.08 08:50

fuck! please look that man spiting the water!! he must be dead..

----- sbstn666 17.05.08 18:33

I don’t think that Diesel is trying to make light out of global warming, but instead open people’s eyes to this “inconvenient truth.” I don’t see it as making global warming into a joke, just showing how it could be if we don’t change.

----- Kaitlyn 12.05.08 16:52

The clothes look great, the brand is hot but this campaign just looks uneducated.

Of course, we could all step back and look at this for what it is- a joke. However, i don’t think global warming is funny in ANY way and the only reason this campaign was created was because there are thankfully so many more campaigns educating us about the concerns, causes and solutions regarding this issue…meaning that people who view these ads are already armed with the knowledge that global warming is dangerous and imminent.

Furthermore, hot clothes have no connection whatsoever to the survival of global warming consequences. Idiots.

----- B-Dog 18.04.08 07:36

It’s a commercial for clothes, people, don’t confuse it with any real debate on the subject of global warning (which, if I have to address the issue, is just another hype to scare people and make money).
As a commercial, it’s creative in it’s approach to the global warming myth - creativity’s always good - but I’m pretty tired of all the sexual tones, however much effective they may be… or perhaps *because* of their effectiveness. >sigh

----- AlsoSprachOdin 07.04.08 01:40

I really love this campaigh! Why do so many people think it’s cruel? It’s a good way of showing how the world could be, if the global warming effect will increase. I think it’s realy neccesary to find a good solution to the global warming effect, because who knows how the world could be whitin a lot of years?

----- wrd. 11.03.08 08:21

well these ads are pretty contreversial and are taking an extremely important issue for granted but honestly the idea is marketing genuis! i love it! what better than to tell clients your product will make them invincible even in front of a situation that threatens us all! obviously that idea is unrealistic but it does bring us to reflect on our worlds future and make us wonder if this is the future we want for our planet!

----- ammanda 03.03.08 11:06

its totally wrong to make global warming appealing to the public when u all know global warming will not be that sexy. its not just gonna be hot and sunny everyday. human population is growing rapidly, land mass will go to a minimum, people will lose everything they have… their home, their land, their jobs, more than half the world will become refugees, the great depression will have a new meaning and not many of us will survive this at all. soil will become unfertil, no crops; and with no crops what will our animals eat? if they dont eat how will they survive? if they dont survive how will we survive? no food, catastrophic weather, o-zone…. WHAT O-ZONE??? this is too serious to make fun of the earth will not stand for the granted we have taken her for she will go into remission unless we change something now! and im not one of those people who become extremist on these topics im not saying that diesle is “standing on soap boxes” and preaching that its all a joke but these people have got to be creative and original to get people to notice them and they took the cheap shallow way into doing that. congrats deisle were all watching u now enlighten us

----- spiridoula 22.12.07 13:30

Contrary to popular belief, the end of the year is one of the best times to look for, awesome descion

----- sasha brinkova 10.12.07 18:26

I think it’s a great campain!
The picures are really beautiful.
You should be aware of GLOBAL WARMING but you don’t have to believe everything you hear or you shouldn’t be so afraid of it.
If it has to come, it will come.
Life’s fun people..

----- Brandon 04.12.07 09:07

Screw the clothing, i was entranced by the apocalyptic imagery in the background. It really is, well, beautiful.

I wouldnt mind global warming if this was the case

but then in reality, if this did happen, no one would be wearing anything this ‘good’ or ‘clean’ or have such cheerful faces.

Think tribes people. Tribes. Scavenging. brutality.

----- benxander 29.10.07 11:33

Me encanta la campaña de Diesel… muy chick…me chupa un huevo el planeta…

----- Christian 22.10.07 13:24

If i wanted to show anyone how ignorant, shallow and valueless the fashion industry is i’d show them this. It makes me sick to my stomach. “Oh my God, global warming is, like, soooo last weekend.”

----- regee 17.10.07 06:53

I think it’s good. Have a sense of humour. I also think it’s good that it does keep the thought of climate change in people’s heads.

----- Tom 16.10.07 15:03


----- anonymous 10.10.07 17:41

Why does everyone care so much? In this day and age who cares about worldly issues, its all about edgy and making everything glamorous and cool. So get used to it because nothings going to be different in the years to come sorry to say.
But hey were all entitled to an opinion.

Life is all about change an adaptation, either adapt or get left behind.

----- cjmajesk 04.10.07 14:56

una campaña increible, me encanta, quiza demasiado ironica, pero me encanta

----- poliesther 18.09.07 10:22

It’s just an ad campaign. it’s not as if the designers and marketers at diesel are standing on soap boxes preaching that global warming is a joke. it’s not the job of a clothing company to save the world, if you don’t like it, don’t shop there.

----- ep 09.09.07 20:11

Entré a una escuela de coordinación y diseño en moda; no estaba tan enterado de éste tipo de campañas, pero es justo que cada quién a su manera haga algo para crear conciencia de lo que está sucediendo o lo que puede si seguimos de esta manera. Diessel hace su parte; y nosotros en un futuro haremos la nuestra a conciencia.

----- Alejandro Zepeda 08.09.07 17:34

wow! peeple of zee wurl…relax!!!

----- me 21.08.07 08:27

Some people are really ignorant, yes this is a great ad campaign, i think it can be interpreted in two ways. Because they say you can look good still while this is going on but, and if thats the literal sense of this then thats ridiculous, but on the other hand i also feel that they might be poking fun at people who don’t care at all and are showing what the world may really look like. Who knows all i know is people shouldn’t be ignorant about global warming in any case.

----- DH 30.07.07 09:11

Oh cry me a river people!
it’s CLEVER & creative.

----- elle 26.07.07 08:46

Oh yes! That’s right! Our way of life is non-negotiable! It’ll just mean we get to wear safari-chic clothes and be waited on by displaced brown people! Yay!

----- Anonymous 31.05.07 16:33

even though i think the clothing is wonderful, and the idea for the campaign is quite unique, deep down i consider it a complete lack of interest and concern, instead, with such strong means of publicity you should encourage a campaign that makes viewers refelct about global warming, not make them think that it doesnt matter that we are slowly killing nature and ourselves, but we can do it looking good, actually it s quite sad people dont take this issues seriously…

----- irie 27.04.07 12:27

If this was supposed to be a clever fight-global-warming campaign, the message got lost somewhere. How does a bunch of lusty 20-somethings posing in exotic-yet-familiar locales wearing distressed designer clothes (that seem like they are inspired by Waterworld, or something like it) make everyone want to get off their buts and fight Global Warming? The ads make it look like they’re encouraging global warming.

Hey, the world’s gonna flood, but you can look great while you’re at it!

----- Liz 14.04.07 20:49

Making global warming the premise of a cheeky campaign doesnt so much bother me. its not very clever or witty. its pretty much just the same o male gaze advertising. cheap sexy poses on the women. the models are empty props frolicking in their middle class bliss. so does global warming change anything?

----- rickie 11.04.07 03:01

Yes, i agree with MAC here. This is the sicket, slicket ad i have ever seen. we are dealing with the END of humankind, Disel, and you joke? Surely, you jest! SAD that capitalism sees life this way..



THIS IS ThE REAL AD. i dare you!

----- danny bee 04.04.07 22:18

Someone did not unterstand this ad… stupid

----- FABIAN 03.04.07 02:08

Fucked Up.

----- Danuigi & Sario 21.03.07 14:39

I think it’s creative. It’s double-layered. First it seems shallow and disgusting to seemingly give the message of ‘screw the planet let’s look good’, not to mention the appealling imagery that glorifies global warming. But that’s the paradoy. It’s so absurd that it’s an eye-opener. And what better way to get people’s attention to an issue than reaching them through creative advertising? This will reach the Diesel-wearing demographic who are more likely to need the wakeup call than anyone else.

----- Isik 18.03.07 05:48

is a great campaign they have a ironic look and also can open many eyes.

----- xiny 17.03.07 16:51

What a shame…and then what’s next? In order to recuperate any hot topic to sell more jeans, a campaign focusing on how cool and trendy it can be to be HIV + ?
Seriously, as designers/publicists we have a responsability and should use our talent to greateast purposes.

----- daniel 13.03.07 18:40

I think that we can survive, I mean not every country like myn Holland. But than i am allready living in Brasil! and it would be terrible for all those people who would die. but after 300 years we forgot them so than I think it would be nice to live in such a warm world.

----- Levon 13.03.07 10:44

Do you guys really think we have to ADAPT to global warming?
Is that what you think?

----- lee 13.03.07 02:25

haha.. fucking communist!
i shop at diesel every day of my life because im tired of hearing about you hypocrites doing all your world peace shit.
al gore won an oscar for his documentary, but a day later it is announced that in fact he is a hypocrite, using more elctricity in a month than 2 american families do in a year!
death to communism! go on deathtocommunistfaggots.com

----- blubbers 11.03.07 11:46

Unbelievable. Here in Brazil some advertising blogs are also refusing this campaign. Irresponsible, i´d say.

----- Bruno Chenque 06.03.07 06:01

I feel sick

----- Ben Rowe 03.03.07 20:16

No way, I agree with Matt and Ben, I think this is a brilliant campaign… take it for what it is. Edgy yes, but still tasteful I think. Would you rather see the same stagnent clothing ads you see all the time. This appeals to the “trendy hipster tools,” their target audience, in an amusing way.

----- Josh 02.03.07 14:28

chill out, mac. global warming is not an oppressed minority. these ads are great.

----- MATT 01.03.07 18:59

«Hey kids, don’t think about what you can do about it … just buy jeans !($)» What’s next to make fun of? These are the same marketing people who will sell you AIR in a few decade.

----- Sylvain 28.02.07 12:12

I like it. Shocking but not preachy.

----- John 27.02.07 12:51

Yeah, this is disgusting…these people are clueless.

----- Ben 27.02.07 10:48

A real bright idea DISSEL, let’s all poke fun at Global Warming!Let’s hope all of those wonderful beach scenes will not be under water in 20 years. I think that their next ad campaign should include queers or niggers that would rock.

----- MAC 21.02.07 05:13


----- Mike 21.02.07 04:19

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