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PNUT Jewelry- 01.13.07

It’s been a little while since my latest weapon based jewelry find… but gun lovers or not, the quality of these are impressive… and oh so cute. Love the shark bomb and the grenade especially - and something so fun about the snub nose, and the pirate pistol, and the silencer… PNUT Jewelry.

Here are my favorites:

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I actually bought a peice from pnut a while ago. It really is very high quality stuff. Plus his new line [which wan’t shown in the pictures] is awsome.

----- Taylor Rayna 20.01.07 19:36

if you dig weaponry as jewelry, check this out:

----- kenyon 17.01.07 14:30

As soon as I have the extra cash I’m ordering that shark bomb. I actually have a shark bomb tattoo so therefore I must own the pendant. Obviously…

----- Frog Alibi 16.01.07 00:59

oh that shark pendant is cute! i want one!

----- i. valentin 13.01.07 21:23

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