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Lightweight- 06.09.06

Quick vent - how horrendous is it that travel and outdoor stores are always trying to sell you those lightweight travel bags for “when you suddenly need a tote bag” and the colors and styles LOOK like they came out of your pocket and took 5 seconds to design?

Well check out the new Lightweight line over at Patagonia… made of “extremely lightweight triple-ripstop fabric affords excellent tear resistance” - it feels a bit like that silicized cordura you can find in camping sections for stuff sacks and such. AND they all fold up into their own tiny pockets. Its the lightest bag/backpack i’ve seen in a while, especially where effort went into smart design. The Courier is messenger bag meets tote - inspired by the classic Buddhist monk’s bag. And the Tote and Backpack are simple, but have the essential extra pockes inside/on top.

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