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SHIRTS and stuff.- 07.26.06

Right… so before you get mad that i neglected readers for the day ~ and here come the excuses. Well i needed a tech break. So no computer all day - yes treo though. BUT, i have been up and at it - everywhere from Home Depot to Anawalt Lumber to Glass Cutting/Manufacturers to Screen printing supply shops and then some. And then my makita, hand saw, and i went at it… and built a silk screening press. We don’t mess around here, check out my day’s worth of work up there, its pretty, for a press… and the best part for you?

SHIRTS! and HOODIES! and BABY goodies! and SCARVES! And TOTES! Panties? We don’t judge, unless it simply doesn’t fit, we’ll probably try it… well, possibly. If you want them. Figure whats the fun of being able to buy just ONE of something from American Apparel and then offering people the chance to have only white shirts, etc. So to everyone who missed round one for the Bored Girl Shirt, she’s back on the market… and our resident was-once-bored-but-now-is-busy girl, Shade Elaine is allowing me to offer you her newest creation PIRATEBRONTO! So i’ll be printing them in those colors (so black ink) ~ but lets get creative.

Check out the American Apparel Catalog, let me know what color/style you’d like, and lets make this happen! For a limited time only. Maybe. Drop me a line at jaw-at-notcot.com with your desires. Shirts will go for 20$, all other special requests (aka the fun stuff) are up for discussion. There’s no such thing as being out of stock if we make it when you order it. (only short on time perhaps)

If nothing else, buy one so that i can do more manual labor on a daily basis to balance out my overwhelming amount of screentime. ~ and because everyone knows there are pirate people and dinosaur people, but what about the piratedino people? (see here)

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Love the piratosaure!!! I could imagine it with a wooden front leg as well as the path. Congrats to ShadeElaine for a superb design. I might even go to AA pick myself a tee…

----- oO 27.07.06 23:22

wikid press… how did you make it?

----- rad 27.07.06 05:05

I would like to buy the dino with eye patch shirt for my son. Please contact me so I can do so. He want to wear it to his 7th birthday party on Aug.26th.

----- Miranda 26.07.06 19:57

You amaze me. I’m chomping at the bit to dirty my hands with a little screen printing, but I can’t get the image of my dog walking across a screen and then all through the house out of my mind.

----- Rand 26.07.06 10:25

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