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Leaf Travel Kit- 12.08.06

I just stayed at the office until 12:30 am, but you know how it is when you get an idea, and get that rush from conceptualizing and mocking up and you just can’t stop? So that’s how i’ve spent the first half hour of being the ripe old age of 24 so far! And this Leaf Travel Kit just popped up in my inbox, and i wish i had one right about now! It’s not easy to find quality tea anywhere, so this travel kit keeps you ready for a nice relaxing cup any time ~ complete with 6 mini refillable tins and little paper filters and wrapped in a grey bag made of natural wool feft, linen and cotton. Bag custom designed exclusively for Leaf by Parisian designer ‘Les Petites Emplettes’. With a limited edition of 500, this might be the perfect gift for your overstressed, tea loving, all natural loving designers on your list.

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Blow out candles. Pop balloons. Eat cake. Open presents. Eat your favorite foods. Splurge on something. propose a toast. Leave work early. Laugh with friends. Take deep breaths. Eat more cake. And enjoy. Happy Birthday Jean. We love you.

----- Rand 08.12.06 14:04

Hey, this isn’t so much about the tea as it is about NOTCOT… Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great weekend!

P.S. If I drank more tea, this would definitely be a must have!

----- Asvetic 08.12.06 06:50

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