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G Pure Energy- 11.22.06

G Pure Energy ~ the latest in the Energy Drink shelf… brought to you by Norwegian Ole Sandberg, who’s claim to fame has been the deliciously beautiful Voss Water he brought to market with his friend Christopher Harlem. Just as with Voss, these boys know that the key to selling high end water (and energy drinks) are all in the packaging (and marketing, etc) ~ but *swoon* do they know how to design a sexy bottle… as a friend said “it looks like a hot girl”… so i guess that makes Voss the broad shouldered more masculine counterpart?

Although - from a design perspective - what do you think of the logo? That power symbol, just widen the gap ever so slightly to imply a G… is it overdoing the power/energy/G correlation? Absolutely gorgeous in the images, would love to see a real one in person, and taste it too… they’ve got some fun mixed drink ideas on the site as well.

What Is It? Apparently it’s “a unique blend of the tart flavor of Lime and the unique citrus flavor of Lulo (a Central and South American fruit with a subtle orange flavor), with only natural, healthy ingredients. The smooth, clear taste is delicious by itself or mixed with your favorite spirit. G Pure energy: Impeccable taste, nutrition and mixability.” Interesting… thanks to Melissa who tagged it ‘notcot’ on ThisNext.

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I am lokin for who may carry this product in Indianapolis Indiana.

----- Ryan 02.05.07 16:03


----- JUAN CORONA 19.03.07 11:18

Great Drink!!!!!

----- Fredrick 09.01.07 18:42

I was out the other night in NY and me and some friends walked into a G Pure party…it was great, some hot girls bought us a few drinks and we ended up drinking the stuff all night…. taste great with grey goose & lime…with out question kicks the s*it out of redbull.

----- anonymous 29.11.06 10:14

I tried one of these last night and I couldn’t get enough of them! As a mixer with vodka, I can’t think of anything cleaner. It’s almost refreshing. The cap was kinda hard to get off though. Nevertheless, I think it looks amazing. And I’m pretty sure it came out before the XBOX 360, so more appropriately,
did Microsoft copy G Pure Energy?

Please, does anyone know where I can get this stuff?

----- Steve 28.11.06 06:28

This stuff causes cancer in lab rats.

----- wes 27.11.06 20:10

It looks like the XBOX 360 if you place it straight up, with the power button and shape.

----- Homan 26.11.06 11:48

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like an XBox 360??

----- Zach Slootsky 22.11.06 17:14

It’s about time someone made a healthier, great tasting energy drink. By far the best I’ve had!

----- Anonymous 22.11.06 11:31

Alright im not a dork, oh wait i am, anyway, the bottle looks just like an Xbox 360, it is uncanny

----- Hobotastyfish 22.11.06 06:45

dude, who uses energy drinks for sports? energy drinks are for studying for the GREs and going to frat parties! your heart is going to explode if you drink this thing before running the 400m.

agreed, however, that the logo is off. although i just realized that your thumb would rest right on it if you’re holding the bottle.

----- Amit 22.11.06 05:01

I’m not sure how I feel about the logo. It feels a little off balance. I do, however, like the idea of a “top shelf” energy mixer for mixed drinks and not necessarily just for sports…


----- Mitchell 22.11.06 02:33

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