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A Drinking Tour of LA- 07.27.06

This isn’t your average drinking tour of LA… as a native its come to my attention that i might quite possibly take the abundance of designer water available for granted. It is simply a way of life. Our new NOTCOT Intern, Caroline Freedman ran around town today to give you a rundown of what’s on our shelves, and keeping us hydrated during this bizarrely humid heatwave. Water is water in a designer bottle that makes you want to buy it, drink it, treasure it, and then buy another. Do you have a favorite? Show us some we missed?

And readers - she wants to make you happy. So give me some feedback here ~ this NYU girl is ready to run around LA and find you the designer goods to make you drool over - but we need some direction - what are YOU interested in? What do you think of her roundup below?

Here’s what Caroline found ~

The tube shape of the bottle is incredibly modern, and it makes it seem like you’re drinking vodka., which is awesome. Points are lost for the red stripe, which was added to denote that it was still water when Voss added a sparkling version last year. The stripe is like perma-Christmas and kind of looks like packaging that you would get if you bought a holiday gift at the Body Shop.
$2.49 for one litre
Bristol Farms

The printed inside of the Fiji bottle is pretty, but it’s still a little too reminiscent of Herbal Essences Shampoo. The best thing about Fiji is the square shape is more space-economical than a round bottle, especially if you are dealing with a lot of them.
$2.59 for 1.5 litres
Bristol Farms

Metromint Spearmint Water
The shape of the bottle is actually cute, though it looks pretty uninspired, because it is slightly miniaturized. I guess people don’t want to drink so much minty water. The silver and neon green label is sort of tacky, because it looks like it is trying to hard to be slick. It’s like a nightclub in Anaheim.
$1.99 for 16.9 ounces
Bristol Farms

Evian 2006 Special Edition
This is probably the best bottle design of all time. It is completely worthless except as a design object, because the glass is about half an inch thick on the bottom so the bottle is extremely heavy. The pink sparkly topper piece is a bit much, but it helps add to the absurdness of a mountain-shaped water bottle.
$5.99 for 1.5 litres
Bristol Farms

This little plastic bottle makes a strong impact with a design that makes it look like blown glass, except more lightweight. And it’s cheap, too.
$0.99 for 0.5 litre,

SmartWater Sport
Nothing special here, and the goldfish on the inside alerting you to the fact that “spring water is for swimming, smartwater is for drinking” is completely creepy.
$1.29 for 750 ml

The Tau bottle is much too small to do any good. You would need three of them to quench your thirst, which would be really heavy to carry around since this bottle is made of glass. The white seal on the top is neat, though. Tau seems like something you’d find in a pretentious café with twelve dollar tuna sandwiches.
$1.49 for 11 ounces

Bristol Farms
9039 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood

8525 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood


6 Notes

Voss- wasn’t the bottle designed by calvin klein? i have one without the red stripe- it was sparkling though. And it was from…annapolis. yes. don’t ask why i was in annapolis.

----- alien in new york 20.08.06 00:01

Que maravilla para mi seria entrar en un almacen de aquellos lugares. Las botellas en america del sur son muy aburridas.
En fin, capisima tu pagina

----- Alejandro 08.08.06 13:32

Like she mentioned Famima, that store is the best convience store I’ve ever been too, anyway kind of wierd article, but something to browse anyway I’d like if she covered fun places to go to in L.A. like Famima to Houdini’s castle to Giant Robot or covered some good music.

----- Jonathan 27.07.06 19:58

just took a pic of the one i’ve been refilling with tap water, but it’s taking too long to upload on dial-up. no broadband out here *sob*

----- amit 27.07.06 11:57

Please take a photo of TAU in PA and back up your bacon.

Do they have Sprite Remix in Philly yet?

----- Adam with a BFA 27.07.06 11:26

might have been nice to see some less mainstream bottles. the ones profiled here are rather common, and i think i’ve seen more “designer” bottles in the grocery store in suburban PA.

nice review though, you have endeared yourself to me with your catty negativity. go Anaheim!

----- amit 27.07.06 05:39

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