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Egg Cuber- 10.05.06

I didn’t know i could crave a cube hardboiled egg… until now. Andrew Huff has a great flickr set of the egg cuber in action ~ apparently this is some retro device that i’ve missed out on? You take your hardboiled egg while warm, stick it in here, screw the cap down, and *poof* square egg? Lots of various pictures and video below…




Ok, maybe after this pic that RUGenius found, not craving it so much…

RUGenius also found this google video of it in action… it is hilarious… watch it at least half way through? (silly how upset people are getting with me for saying watch it all the way through, maybe it was just funnier to me around 5am?)

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I bought this item almost 40 years ago when the Boy Scouts were having a fund raiser and I love it. I make the square eggs and put them through a egg slicer then use the egg slices like flower petals on my salads. Add a stem and leaf of green pepper strips and you have a pretty decoration. I was glad to see they are still around because when I moved I thought mine got lost but it was recently found. I have been telling people for years about the egg cuber and would like to get a couple for gifts.

----- J Jones 23.06.10 09:33

I saw one of these for sale in Cambridge, England a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t been able to find one in Australia yet :-(

----- christian 11.04.10 18:31

Ahem. This is a novelty item. It’s meant to be fun, and silly, just like ANY other novelty item. As with ANY novelty item, some ppl won’t think it’s fun or want one.

You people that are sitting here all distasteful about it are, frankly, idiots. If you don’t like this “NOVELTY ITEM” why did you waste your time replying and being generally distasteful?

You are islanders (yes i understand that you won’t get what that means).

----- HARRO IDOTS 27.01.10 09:14

This is so FUNNY! I must have one. It looks like a labor of love if one were to make a whole tray of deviled eggs but it would be the talk of the table! My nephew will love this too! I can already see how much fun this will be. Thanks!

----- Jennifer Kathleen 04.07.09 09:17

Are you still in business of selling these egg cubers?

If so I need information on ordering some.

Thank You

----- Bev 25.05.08 19:03

I bought one in a thift store in California approximately 25 years ago. I only have the one. My kids and friends have enjoyed square eggs for years. Today, I thought I would go on the internet; and there it was!

----- Elaine A. Brown 14.02.08 15:34

Donde puedo comprar en España un egg cuber?

----- vitoresmonja@hotmail.com 28.01.08 12:56

I bet this would assist in making a perfect egg sandwich on white bread. Perfect little egg tiles right up to the edge…

Man, I wish I had a cube egg right about now!

----- Cashew 24.01.08 08:37

I am AMAZED at the rudeness of some of these comments.

I am also amazed at the bizarreness of this contraption. It’s so odd I think I must have one! :)

----- Anon. 30.08.07 11:54


----- Daniel 11.07.07 14:55

This contraption looks grand! Where i would find one in austalia?

----- Di 06.07.07 05:03

Really did not need to see all the stuff at the start, getting the egg out, cooking the egg. Just wanted to see it in action. Neither did I need to hear all the inane comments.

----- Sarah Silverstone 09.05.07 09:58

Wow…..Who the hell would want to cube an egg? I sure as hell wouldnt…not funny

----- Dill 25.04.07 14:54

hi nice site.

----- alex 13.04.07 00:15

Len, my mother bought one at that Cost Plus when I was a kid. I had those square eggs in my lunch at school. Guess whether or not it freaked out the other kids and engendered much teasing. Thanks Mom.

----- Ethan 11.04.07 07:16

can they ship it to israel? cause i haven’t found a supplier that is willing to ship it to israel.


----- chryslergirl 13.03.07 02:41

A girl I dated in collage had this egg cuber. She left it at my place and after we broke up I found it behind some pots and pans. I’ve had it ever since and never saw or knew about another one until now… We’re cubing eggs right now at work, People are speachless…

----- Jay 23.02.07 08:12

I so want to make deviled eggs with this! lol :D

----- Tennyson 12.01.07 20:56

Re the egg cuber—when I first moved to California (Bay Area) in 1964 (note:that is 42 years ago), one of the initial gadgets I bought was an egg cuber, at Cost Plus store in San FRancisco!!!!! That was their only store then. I still have it, but rarely use it. I am amazed that it is still on the market

----- Len Schaer 04.01.07 13:28

how i can buy this cube ?and how mach it is

----- heleh 02.01.07 11:20

That moves me in a way in which I am rarely moved. Did I sound convincing?

----- James Newman 27.10.06 23:37

Holy S**t, this is the coolest kitchen gadget to ever exist. Those of you who are saying it’s dumb are simply retarded. How is it that you do not appreciate the genius that is this invention? Egg^2 rocks your miserable lives!

----- Pirat3 27.10.06 19:18

If these guys would shut the hell up, this might be the next film playing at MOMA or MOCA. As it stands, just assholes wishing they could relax.

----- Brian 27.10.06 12:01

I want my four minutes and 23 seconds BACK! I can’t believe I actually sat through that entire stupid video!

If I EVER get one of those BS contraptions for Christmas…I’ll step on it and break it in front of whoever gave it to me just because it’s such an IDIOTIC idea!

I mean, why would anyone need something like that?

----- pauly walnuts esquire 25.10.06 15:17

This is probably the best video we have seen online since the inception of the internet. Before I was always feeling like there was something missing in my life. Now I bought myself an eggcuber and use it daily. Our favourite new pasttime is to smear each other with cubed eggyolks and lick it off like cats.

----- MikeyMike and the Snackmaster 23.10.06 02:16

very very oldiest think like at my child in 1970’s…

----- ONALTIKIRKALTI 22.10.06 07:13

NOT FUNNY. Very stupid video. The Girl is obviously a neighbor or a sister of one of the gay guys. They’ve been looking for something to make a funny blog about for over two years now and had to settle for this. It’s not a bit funny. Take it off the net. Your plugging the net up with crap. Get a life.

----- bill 19.10.06 13:27

“it is hilarious… watch it all the way through.”
Interesting video, but it is not hilarious and does not go anywhere that the still pictures don’t. The second egg works exactly like the first!

----- Bitslayer 17.10.06 14:49


Put the egg cuber with the egg in it into the fridge and let it get cold…the egg will be perfectly square!

Been amazing people for years with this little gadget…have fun!


----- Bob 16.10.06 19:52


You could move to the US.

----- John 16.10.06 17:50

where can i get this? can someone email me the link?

----- lisa 15.10.06 13:34

How was this “hilarious”?

----- Rob 12.10.06 14:08

I got one of these at a garage sale last year, leave the egg in the cuber in the fridge for a while, then make deviled eggs, but cubed, so now they stand up

----- abzman2000 11.10.06 22:15

I am amused by the swearing chicken on the box.

----- Eric 11.10.06 09:25

Dude, my mom totally gave me an egg cuber for easter last year. It made the eggs look like alien nuggets.

----- ghort 05.10.06 13:50

I actually have one of these, but only because my Grandfather was the patent attorney that filed the patent for it many years ago. Mine is the only one I had ever seen, until now. Quite a coincidence seeing it here!

----- Aaron Schaefer 05.10.06 13:03

This would make a fantastic Christmas present!

Try as I might, I cannot find anywhere in the US that will ship this to the UK, nor a supplier in the UK, any suggestions? ;-o)

----- Alan Eagle 05.10.06 09:11

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