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Absolut BLING.- 11.08.06

Absolut is the gold standard of design in my books ~ everything they do is gorgeously over the top, and their flashiness never pains me as much as the majority. This year they Blinged the hell out of everything imaginable and while being incredibly amusing and laughable, technically its well executed. From the animation and voiceover of the “History of Bling” (a MUST see, i just downloaded it for my iPod)… to the Bling Your Name wallpapers with cash and cityscape backgrounds… to the gilded holiday giftpack. Wow. Bling it on Absolut style. (Lots of images below, because this is one of those campaigns i know i will want to look back on someday when the site is long gone.)







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why is absolut biting bling h2o?

----- jon kiplinger 06.12.06 22:39

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