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Water Lists- 09.08.06

Some people are natural list makers. Some of those lists are more linear - others more organic/messy - others more visual. But for any list makers out there who like image based, simple to use, product oriented interfaces - ThisNext seems to be a comfortable fit… for people like me anyhow, and some of our other NOTCOT regulars. Take oO’s new “Who needs designer water?” list - i’ve been drooling over the gorgeous bottles all morning, so decided it was worth collaging. He’s got everything from SEI to Swarovski to Stark… but he does leave out my obsession with Smart Water. If you have more contributions to the designer water bottles, go recommend it at ThisNext and tag it ‘notcot’ and ‘water’ so it will show up in the tags below. [oh and i still think the stickers are far too fun]

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Hello our company is currently a coffee company based in the U.S. We are interested in a designer bottle for our company. The bottle needs to be different from the rest of the herd, have ingredients labeling and visually stimulates the senses.

Please contact me via email with information also pertaining to price of design, size, shape and dexterity; please also take note that the bottle will need to be printed with our company UPC. Also, the most important aspect of the bottle: the bottle needs to be Biodegradable.

----- Willie Woodard 17.10.07 18:41

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