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Shot Up Polos- 06.04.07

Apparently its mannequin hunting season. At least over at Attus Apparel, where they have just launched a limited edition series of 4 (one in each size) polos that have been Shot Up (complete with documentation of the shootings in both photo and video form). And silly as it sounds, i fully understand their thinking here… people buy cut up, distressed, destroyed jeans, tees, jackets, etc… why not polos? And with the all the murder porn on TV constantly (CSI, CSI: every other city, Law&Order and all the many spin offs)… maybe this has a chance? Either way its intriguingly hilarious from an artistic and cultural standpoint. More imagery and video from the shoot below.






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there’s this sci-fi book that came out in 2002 that predicted this kind of stuff. it’s called Feed by M.T. Anderson and is about the internet facilitating consumerism. Anyway, one of the trends the teens go through is called “Riot Gear.” I put an excerpt up on my blog. freaky shit.

----- kris 16.06.07 11:22

“Last year I (sold) a T-shirt that was signed by William Burroughs - and he shot it with his shotgun,” he said.

----- Anonymous 06.06.07 06:05

guns and alcohol?! there’s a good combination. isn’t that like drinking and driving?

----- mike 05.06.07 11:09

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