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Emma Franklin Jewelry- 06.06.07

I don’t usually wear jewelry, but when I do I like for it to be something pretty unique and interesting. At the moment I’m loving the jewelry by British designer Emma Franklin. It’s dark and has kind of an occult feel to it. I imagine the person wearing this jewelry to be sitting by the giant fireplace in their dark, burgundy-hued library/study, flipping through an old leather-bound book, and occasionally staring out the window, deep in thought… uh, that’s not weird, is it?

Anyway… thanks to “canadian-in-swedish-clothing” for bringing this to our attention on Notcouture. Some more favorites after the jump!

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love it nice and dark

----- the rockandroller 09.10.09 14:18

These look like a CHEAP IMITATION version of the UK Label SUPER FERTILE COLLECTION, 2007 “Endangered Species” that came out early last year. check out www.superfertile.com.

----- Fareena 21.05.08 05:10

heyhey i lv ur jewlerry luv uuu xxxxxxxxxxxx e-mail bk please

----- Rachel-May Thomas 05.12.07 03:43

hey my name is emma franklin 2 i’m not even jokin cya x

----- Emma Franklin 05.12.07 03:42

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