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Headline Shirts Review- 09.18.06

I received some shirts from Headline Shirts, and first impression was WOW it is SO SOFT… and proceeded to make everyone around feel them. (Honestly i have a hard time believing these really are american apparel, but apparently they put it through some secret softening washes, and they magically get transformed into shirts you’d live out of)… then comes the laughter at how brilliant their poignant shirt designs are. [Seen above is the “Operation: Lets Bomb Some Shit” with a map of Some Shit below].

Based in the Mission (yes, the one in SF) ~ this line was started in ‘04 by Chris Gorog and creative, Jake Ginsky. What started as a Stanford B-school project quickly grew into a high quality entrepreneurial adventure ~ filling a void in the over-saturated tshirt industry providing provocative designs (both visually and intellectually) based on current news stories as a means for informed consumers to express their social and political viewpoints. Where many have tried to poke at this niche, few have done it nearly as well - the quality of the shirts as well as the designs (on multiple levels) impressed me more then i expected. Not to mention, how brilliant is their “tag”, which is printed inside the collar? Double Scotch icon - love it. See more shirts below!




Here’s a great bonus image ~ when i asked Jake for anything fun he had that would be fun to share with readers about Headline ~ he sent me this ad that he shot… faux-american apparel ad! About time you see a good mockery of their soft-core ads (which yes, are all over this site often). Featured in the shot is Steven LeMay, who runs a vintage shop near their office called Retro-Fit ~ and apparently one of his many talents in a past life were being a drag queen performer ~ so being the good sport that he is, let them make this ad.

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the shirt may have been enzyme washed.

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