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Stella + Adidas- 08.21.06

In our world of mashups - while it seems intuitive to say good thing + good thing = better thing, we all know that isn’t how the real world works, and it isn’t even THAT easy. But mashups are in right now, be it digital mashing between *anything and google maps, or the high end fashion designers with things like H&M and Target. One that i have been surprisingly taken by is Stella McCartney and Adidas’ combo - the website has some (while very flashy) gorgeous navigation and a very mysterious/ice queen/fairytale feel to it (something kind of little red riding hood, only in sleek gorgeous fitness wear, in the snow in the woods with wolves and such) about the collection. And this tennis dress caught my eye, because its great how she managed to transform that simple, layered luxurious feel to active wear.

Also - I am loving her logo being the little dots (reminds me of some old receipt fonts) and on the Stella McCartney homepage, they get eaten by MISS PACMAN! (if you don’t believe me, image after the jump)

See? Told you so.

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