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Boontje Tatts- 08.22.06

I don’t do pink. I don’t do temporary tattoos. But i do love all things Tord Boontje. And can’t go wrong with a gorgeous vector dragon and fairytale-esque rose design. And instead of tip-toe-ing around the gratuitous boob shot, thats a pretty sweet looking tattoo placement with a low cut shirt, and definitely not something i would probably have the guts to do as a real tattoo. So thank Neko for this great temporary tattoo she posted over to .org tonight. (Doesn’t she find the best stuff?) … oh, and i nearly forgot, it is called the Cut Here Tattoo, since you can cut and use whatever parts in whatever order your heart desires.

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Are these available anywhere??? or even something similiar?

----- Keith 21.06.10 16:03

Hi could you tell me where i could get my hands on these tats plz?

----- oljay 02.11.08 16:23

Hay i love these how do i get them?

----- rosepurse 04.08.08 04:20

These are so hot !
Where can I get them?

----- Tamara 09.10.07 11:20

Wow, this is the way to go, if you want to get cleavage attention!

----- Gonzalo Oxenford 17.09.07 19:39

ye i agree, these look awesome! how do you get hold of them…

----- Susan 20.04.07 07:58

these are sexy. how do i buy?!?

----- kimiya 31.01.07 16:21

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