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Madewell = J.Crew + ???- 09.09.06

There have been hype and rumors flying around about Madewell, which just opened its second store (ever) in Century City Monday ~ and despite their terribly blah website, went and took a peek today. For those who don’t know this is the brainchild of Millard Drexler, the former CEO of Gap who joined J. Crew in Dec. 2003, and yes, nearly everyone who walks in there asks “Is this by J.Crew?” and the answer is “Yes, but we only share a CEO, Madewell has it’s own distinct feel.” to which i heard a few “Ah yes, it feels like J.Crew.” and they walk away and poke at more clothes. To put this in shopping context for you, this store is placed across from a sleek simple Bloomingdales’ facade, next to it is Abercrombie and Cole Hann, and to the other side of Abercrombie is its relative, J. Crew on the corner. Abercrombie is blasting music, and has it’s attractively chosen representatives out front, and then you see Madewell, with its transplanted East coast brick facade and what feels like an Old Navy meets Dawson’s Creek meets a very crammed space? So for those who are curious, and got little from the look book they have online, a few shots below. They have some interesting wall displays, had to show you the cutting board and artsy panel they put up.

… And the quality was all over the place, a bit pricey for what it was, some extremely soft thin sweaters to layer, and then some pants that made you just wonder what they were thinking… Some fun jewelry though, and that plain canvas bag tempted me to print a pirate bronto on it… [click pics to see bigger]






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----- Hollie 04.12.10 00:22

Blasted, Love j-crew the feel of confident. I still have a pair of j-crew brand beach pants bought in yr. 2000. My fav pair!!

----- Gail Ray 14.11.07 19:49

the model on their website looks very rodent-like.

----- Amit 09.09.06 18:48

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