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Scoodie- 08.10.07

Scarf+Hoodie+(pocket & fun fabrics)+Kasil = SCOODIE! Ok, stop giggling, its actually pretty comfy. Especially as it gets chilly and windy in this so called summer SF weather, its a fun idea. And a nice touch with the ipod (or credit cards/id or cash, or whatever little things you want to stash in a place where few are likely to look) pocket, with button and kasil logo. So on unique new hybrid fashion pieces… here’s one i had to point out — and i was skeptical initially, but after having played with one a bit, its growing on me thanks to Matt of Plopculture - the Secret life of a Product Placement Surfer in LA - which is really one of my few basic template blogger sites that i read frequently (no offense, matt!), and yes my blog reading in tabs really is that superficial when it comes to design sites (why, why, why have an ugly design blog?). Anyhow, i digress, clearly this week has gotten to me a bit… more images below! And you can find the scoodie below over at Revolve Clothing… and its not just for girls.


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Woah. The “scoodie” went viral! When I began to make them 3 years ago (and christened the term “scoodie”) who would have thunk it would be all over the internets!

----- Hapto 21.02.08 15:05

I kinda want one !

----- Spike 14.08.07 09:36

This isn’t exactly a new idea, hooded scarves have been around forever! In fact, I knitted one last winter.
That doesn’t stop me from loving them though.

----- CGraves 13.08.07 12:03

no offense taken. my site is no notcot for sure…i hate the pop-out layout but the blog was just an experiment in grass roots marketing for myself and my clients. When I find a minute in the day I am going to have to buy a domain and really do a site.

you rock

----- plopculture 13.08.07 09:01


----- rugenius 11.08.07 10:47

This one is a hat, scarf and gloves.
->orly hat

----- brainbow 11.08.07 10:03

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